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To Survive Without Light Nor Water In House At Spain

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To survive without light nor water in house

English pensioners denounce a promoter who sold houses to them in Tibi without the most elementary services

A group of English pensioners has denounced by swindle a promoter who sold houses in an urbanization located in the mount of Tibi without water provision and light to them. They took to two years paying a quota of about 250 monthly euros to use a generator and algibe, but three weeks ago the company cut the supplying. Since then, they live in the dark, in unhealthy conditions and are forced to take water of a brook to clean.

The awaited retirement arrived to them and decided to invest its savings to enjoy it in a calm place Spain. Thus, a German and group English yielded before a tempting supply: to live surrounded by nature in an urbanization with ample located unifamiliares houses in the municipal term of Tibi. A paradise for the rest that would become a true adventure of survival and a nightmare for many of them.

They sold its properties in its countries of origin to be able to acquire a villa in the province of Alicante. They took all its belongings and they took the airplane to be transferred to his wished house in the field. When they arrived, approximately two years ago, they verified that everything was very different from which they had imagined. Their houses did not have habitability certificate and lacked running water and light, according to denounce the residents.

Before the deception, some of the neighbors were united to demand to the mercantile one that it sold the villas to them by a swindle crime. The affected ones explain that they feel deceived, because they assure that the promoter offered to pay a monthly amount to them by the provisional provisions during a short period of time. Thus, the residents in the urbanization Pine of the River began to pay a quota of about 250 euros to the month for the made consumption of the generator and the installed water rain tank in the zone, assures.

Ever since this measurement was taken have spent two years already and the situation has gotten worse, since the past March the promoter announced to the some thirty neighbors that was going to cut the provisions. Thus it happened approximately three weeks ago. Since then, the affected ones live without the minimum conditions of habitability. Some have had to invest in generators and others are forced to gather water of one of the brooks that happen through the zone. One is a water greenish and nonpotable that uses to clean to the toilet and the house, according to it relates one of the neighbors called Williams.

The situation for these neighbors is untenable and they cannot return to its country because they have sold its properties. Most of these people they are pensioners, of up to 70 years, that are forced to load garrafas of water from the river and which they live in unhealthy conditions. Some have become ill of neumonía and others have had stomach problems that, according to they affirm, they have been caused by that lack of hygiene. For the dark also they have devised rudimentary formulas, as the use of candles or farolillos of solar energy.

The desperation of the neighbors grew when the City council of Tibi informed to them into that the company still has a year to make the delivery of the urbanization and into which are no possibilities of providing water to them by lack of infrastructures. In addition, when not having habitability certificate, they cannot empadronar itself and the children cannot register themselves in the school, laments Williams.

This group of pensioners showed his indignation before the fact that the company continues selling the houses that are without living in the urbanization and assure that it is being made by a reduced price to try to adjudge them as soon as possible to other ingenuous buyers.


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