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Polly Toynbee Article Attacking Immigration And Low Pay

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and another great article:

http://www.guardian.co.uk/Columnists/Colum...1695984,00.html (yes, why hasn't New Labour established a propert Work Inspectorate too ensure immigrants aren't working for sub-minimum wage)!

extracts from the first article:

"Other employers would be in hot contest to entice the forgotten people into building, transport and catering. Adam Smith's hidden hand of the market would force the workless into work. It is shocking that 30,000 of the 70,000 workers being employed to start work on transport infrastructure for the Olympics are to be east Europeans, not impoverished Londoners."

"Praise of immigration is the main thrust of Bercow's pamphlet. His argument for an open immigration policy is liberal in the free-market sense. A call for free movement of (cheaper) labour across the globe is, after all, the CBI's one and only "liberal" policy.

Bercow, like Labour, says that in a global economy the UK needs migrants to fill jobs the British are "unable or unwilling to do". Migrant workers put in more than they take out, making a net contribution of £2.5bn. The Home Office says a 1% increase in immigration yields up to a 1.5% increase in GDP. Of the entire working population, 10% are now born abroad. The government agrees with Bercow and is setting up a new skills advisory body to let in migrants according to business demand.

Bercow and Labour hotly assert that migrants don't take jobs from British workers nor depress wages. But there is no evidence for this assertion. It is impossible to know what level wages might be at or how many unemployed might have been tugged into jobs at higher pay rates had Britain kept its doors shut to new EU citizens until their countries had caught up economically.

Blair and Brown embrace the inevitability of globalisation, but make a deliberately class-blind analysis. Migrants do bring GDP growth, but remember the Gate Gourmet workers fired to make way for cheaper newly arrived workers. Migrants add to the profits of the company and thus to GDP. They keep down the cost of flying for people wealthy enough to fly. They also hold down the pay rate for all other low-paid workers, keeping wage inflation remarkably low and the Bank of England very happy.

But all this does nothing but harm to the old Gate Gourmet workers and to all the other low-paid. This is what globalisation does, widening the gap between rich and poor. Cheap labour provides more cheap services for the rich to get their lifestyle at a premium while nailing an ever-larger swath of the workforce to the minimum-wage floor. The greatest job growth is in rock-bottom jobs.

London has the most migrant workers and it also has the most unemployed. Who are they? Many more young people are not in education or work after generations of deprivation. Bangladeshis are among the poorest because 80% of their women don't work. Many more London single mothers can't work because the cost of housing and childcare means even tax credits don't lift them out of a poverty trap where a low-paid job means working at a loss."

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