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Inflation - 20% For Some?

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If you are a student in Glasgow?

Increase in profligate spending or increase in costs? With the ioverall trend in the number working I'd say budgets were likely being squeezed and additional spending not down to free-spending.


STUDENTS in Glasgow will spend an incredible £320million this academ-ic year - in a huge boost to the city's economy.

• They spend around £213 a week - up from £177 in 2005.

The study estimates Glasgow students spend a total of £109m on rent, £25.4m on supermarket shopping, £7.7m on music and CDs, £18.5m on socialising, and £15m - above the UK average - on books and course materials


"You have students study-ing for high-level qualifications who are stacking shelves in supermarkets until 3am when they should be writing essays.

"We have a situation where some undergraduates are now having to become more like full-time workers and part-time students.

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Guest Alright Jack

If you are a student in Glasgow?

Increase in profligate spending or increase in costs?

It's six of one and half a dozen of the other. When people borrow lots of money (inflation) prices adjust upwards to reflect the increase in demand relative to the supply of goods and services. This squeezes budgets and apparently induces borrowing even further. This really gives the game away.

It is a pretty schoolboy error for an individual or group, who has perhaps not yet personally succumb to the debt trap, to believe they are somehow unaffected or will not suffer the final tragedy.

Thus we find ourselves, as a nation, and a global community, trapped in an age old pattern whereby, to remain solvent and prevent the collapse of our economies, we are committed to continue the process of minting new coin (that we call debt today) in the full knowledge of the eventual consequences.

But, Keynes said, "In the end, we are all dead".

Well thanks a bunch keynes!

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