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It's bad enough when BTLers start appearing and bidding up FTB homes to crazy heights. It's even worse when all new building is obviously designed for speculators and not as homes.

Now, we've all heard the debate abut whether we should concrete over britian, but in European towns and cities people of all ages, income groups, sometimes choose to live in medium rise apartments close to amenities. So you'd think if we're trying to increase housing density you'd see a good mix of three and four bed spacious apartments in among the 1 and 2 bed designs. I've been in some European apartments that resemble the layout of a decent bungalow inside, as well as boxy family flats with three or four bedrooms which are actually no worse than many Barrett's dolls houses in terms of floor space.

But where are these types of flat in the UK? Nowhere.

Go to rightmove and type in Watford. Select a search for flats/apartments under £250 and wtiness the vast, massive glut of 2bed homes from 250k to 160k and they're still building masses more all over the place, cramming them in by the hundred. Do the same search but this time specify 3 bed flats and compare.

Nuts, eh?

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I live in the area and you are right - they are building on every bit of land they can find. The locals aren't happy either as they are building all these new homes, but not improving the infrastructure to handle them. Roads are the same, schools are oversubscribed as it is - even the water mains are under-pressure (though not as bad as it used to be now that there is a hosepipe ban). Local schools are selling off land to build flats on, and a local pub (The Duke on Ricky road) has been sold off to build flats on too. Several brownfield sites nearby are earmarked for housing - with no end in sight. The only thing that will stop it is a crash.

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This is my favourite. Built right on the multi-lane traffic-clogged Exchange Road. In busy times you feel your breathing mostly traffic fumes walking past there - it's like mexico city. It's situated in a street where tramps trudge back and forth all day.

The two beds start at 280k. I went into the show flat for a laugh a while back. I could believe how small it was, with a tiny kitchenette and living room. I was expecting it to be more roomy than the older 160k flats you see around but no. Seems you're paying for the on-site gym or something.

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I've just seen this advert on the Guardian website (see attachment)

Presumably this is meant to entice investors, 'cos I can't imagine anyone in their right mind aspiring to live in a place like this.

Or maybe they're gearing up for an influx of Bulgarians once they join the EU? There were a lot of flats like this over there last time I visited, built by the communists in the 1960s...



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