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Guest muttley

Interesting Comments On Household Debt

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Guest muttley

I particularly liked this comment, which can serve as a rebuttal to the accusations of schadenfreude levelled at us in the past few days.

Mister Telkman makes an assumption that those of us who believe that people should take responsibility for their own actions don't care whether others live or die. That is quite a leap to make and I'm not sure how he can justify such an assumption, but let me ask him this. If someone chooses to drive a car at 100mph through a built up area and ends up hurtling into a brick wall and killing himself, is that the fault of the car manufacturer for building the car, the government for providing the roads or the individual for driving the car recklessly? If I think it is the fault of the individual, does that mean I do not care whether other people live or die?

Asking other people to accept responsiility for their own actions does not mean we do not care whether others live ir die (if this really were a life or death issue, then we better prepare for a significant dip in population - around 15,000,000 or so). It means what it says - take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others for your own shortcomings.

Well put Stan!

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