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music man

My Newspaper Interview

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I had a photo taken with my better half and her daughter for the evening news in Norwich.

I was interviewed over the phone by a guy called David and will be in the paper tomorrow. As I'm paying my fathers company off for 5 more years family housing will not be the easiest of options for a good few years unless.......... there's a crash.

Anyway I feel gutted as I thought he'd be around this evening but it was just the photographer who visited. After seeing 3 estate agents in 2 days I had more of a story to tell. So here goes for what I feel will be left out as he only wanted to ask personal details such and living details, relationship details etc.

Estate Agent 1.

An odious lady and obnoxious IMHO. I asked why it was that I hadn't been given details of a 2 bed house that was advertised at £85K on rightmove. I had to click the sold STC on the details section, so there's a tip for you all the EA's may hide the facts of the good deals and not promote them. She immediately got uber-defensive and I knew she was bull sh1tt1ing me. 6 / 7 offers in 2 days was her reasoning. I even asked why she though there was so many? Was it the price after all that's what I was asking details for. To cut a long story short she didn't post me the details 'cos the deal was so good, so good I had to miss out through not being informed. No reason for this or maybe she though that because it was so good people like me are not informed. I wonder why she didn't tell me then and question what builder took it and oi oi, nudge nudge wink wink, say no more.

The house needed work done by the way.

Estate Agent 2

And you'll like this - A 2 bed flat thing knocked down from £89,000 to £79,000 and been on the market for well over a year now. So there's a 11% drop allready Crash-tastic heh!

Estate Agent 3

In Thetford I was told 8 repos. from a 3 week period. These houses go up for sale at above market value and then have a time scale of descent in price. Nice guy and very informative, but an EA all the same.

I'll trouble you no more this eve on this but I may have a link if it get's on the net.

Hold in there folks the wheels on the bus don't as it says always go round, round, round. Sometimes as we all know they come off and I thank the knowledge I have gained from this site and on money matters (googlevid money masters if you want an eye opener).

Prices are set to collapse - it seems that is the view of most experts and non V.I. commentators inc. me!

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No comment on the 11% drop in asking price after a year on the market and the dodgy dealing then? I'm guuted - I tells ya for sure.

Let alone the 8 repossessions in 3 weeks for a town in Norfolk. It is Norfolk and we're not overpopulated believe me.

The newspaper and media headlines are also rolling in folks. Today was a particularly good one with record insolvencies and repossessions as my parents tell me. They watch mainstream so it's filtering through and we're prepping for a recession IMO.

Clearly the interest rate hike was a precurser to the subject matter but the problem quoted 'aint stopping at .25% from what is said to be the problem.

Be wise and listen to the problem and they will in turn react with a solution. It's a spoon feeding of the mind, and of oppinion. It is the media and we should all learn from it. If anyone thinks that public relations is not propaganda then why is it that the definition was changed by the Nazi propaganda manager who then became the U.S. public relations manager. Edward Bernase is his name.

One can predict the future from the problems 'they' create. We have A pseudo war as I guess G8 nations are selling the arms to the warring nations and they must talk about it. Why else would they talk - I hope but doubt it's not the lastest Aguilerra vid.

And so - they are creating a war infested world bought with the money most of the population owe them through mortgages and now making them pay through a credit crunch.

It's show time for the theft of personal wealth through debt, and done through the media with oil prices and inflation etc.

Every time money has grown with debt the crash has affected those with the most leverage.

I admire those BTL guys that made it and have no woes for those that didn't and won't. But that's greed and if we aren't careful we'll all end up screw wing each other.

I know I have too much knowledge that this isn't a good time to buy and so I know when it is a good time to buy and make money through it in the future. As far too many here understand.

So the sod it and no debt regime must apply to me, minimal debt through minimal mortgage has to apply unfortunately. House prices may go up or down.

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