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How Do You Record Audio Streams To Disk?

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I would like to record audio stream to disk, then chop and change them to remove adverts, songs etc. E.g. I would like to record the audio stream on http://www.colourfulradio.com/, then remove any songs in the middle. How can i do that?

Also, I have this fancy media centre so I can watch live TV. Is there any decent applications where I can convert the file to make it far smaller, and remove any adverts in the middle?

I'm kinda new to all this media knowhow.

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Recording streamed audio.

The following programs can be used to record streamed audio...

OpD2d -- Direct to disk audio recorder (Windows, freeware):


This is a very simple little audio recording application. It can be used to easily record anything you can get into your soundcard direct onto your hard disk. You might also have noticed that it's got a bit of an odd interface.

RadioRecorder (Mac OS X, freeware):


RadioRecorder supports any number of scheduled recordings that can be active simultaneously.

Streamripper (Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows, freeware):


Welcome to the Streamripper home page, an Open Source (GPL) application that lets you record streaming mp3 to your hard drive.

Total Recorder Standard / Pro (Windows, $11.95 / $35.95, free trial):


Total Recorder is a powerful, yet simple audio recording solution. Total Recorder records streaming audio directly from systems like Real Player, Windows Media Player, QuickTime and WinAmp. It can also record from cassette tapes, LPs, DVDs, CDs or through a microphone connected to your PC. The resulting recordings may be saved as wav, wma, mp3 or Ogg Vorbis audio files. The recordings may then be copied to a CD using a standard CD burner and associated software.

RadioLover (Mac OS X, $15 shareware):


  • Record MP3 Internet radio streams as individual MP3 songs
  • Songs are automatically tagged with artist, album, radio station and track number
  • Schedule recordings of your favourite shows
  • Record multiple streams at the same time
  • Split recordings by song, time, or size
  • Import from iTunes Radio Tuner
  • Drag and drop MP3 stations from iTunes and the Web (typically these are links that end with .pls)
  • International language streams supported
  • Supports thousands of Shoutcast compatible and M3U/EXTM3U style radio streams found on popular sites and in iTunes Radio Tuner

Audio Hijack / Pro (Mac OS X, $16 / $30 shareware):


Audio Hijack is the perfect tool to record any audio on your computer. With Audio Hijack, you can quickly and easily save audio from almost any application to an AIFF file. This file can then be burned to a CD, or played in any software audio player like iTunes or any hardware audio player like an iPod.

Use Audio Hijack to record Car Talk or any other Real/Windows Media/iTunes/Internet stream and listen at your leisure. Snag game sounds or sound bytes off DVD movies. You can even use Audio Hijack to rip Flash audio! And with built-in Timers, you don't even have to be there to record. Audio Hijack puts you in control of all your audio.

WireTap Pro (Mac OS X, $19 shareware):


WireTap Pro is your all-purpose digital recording device: with the click of a button, WireTap Pro allows you to record any audio on your Mac. WireTap Pro's simple but powerful interface allows you to record audio from any running applications, as well as from any microphone, line-in, headset, and even your radioSHARK.

Want to record sound snippets from your favorite DVD movie, digitize your old record collection, record streaming audio from the Internet, or even use your iPod as a personal Dictaphone? WireTap Pro is your solution.

WireTap Pro can save your digital recordings in the popular .mp3, AAC, QuickTime, and AIFF file formats, saving them to your hard drive for later processing/listening. WireTap Pro can also save your recordings directly into iTunes, or onto your iPod or other iTunes-compatible .mp3 player. You have total control over the file format, compression, and quality of your recordings.

iRecordMusic (Mac OS X, $24.95 shareware):


One-click audio recording Record audio as MP3 and MP4 (AAC), suitable for playback on an iPod Supports RealAudio and WindowsMedia, the preferred audio formats of many broadcasters. Integrates with iTunes and iCal.

Replay Radio (Windows, $29.95, limited 7-day free trial):


Replay Radio is an incredibly easy way to record radio broadcasts. It's like a "TiVo DVR" for the radio. Just pick your favorite radio show, or select a station and a time range, and Replay Radio records it for you. Hundreds of shows and stations are pre-programmed, making recording as easy as point and click.

Once your show is recorded, Replay Radio makes MP3 files for listening with an MP3 player, iPod, or your PC. Or, you can have Replay Radio automatically burn a CD. Everything happens automatically!

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Hmm.. having problems with this. I've tried lots of different programs, but despite saying they capture the audio from the sound card, they don't. They give three 'source' options, line in, rear mic and mic. The rear mic is my microphone. Whichever source I chose it doesn't record anything.

My sound goes through my hifi, and the cable plugs into any of the sound card jacks on my pc. When you plug it in, it pops up asking what audio source this is, i.e. surround sound, microphone etc. I'm totally baffled now.

Anyone want to point me in the right direction?

Edit: My sound card is sigmatel audio

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Don't panic don't panic. It's because I have a crappy integrated audio card that doesn't support it. Pants.

I'll have to get a new sound card, bit of a bugger as i've just spend well over a grand on a brand spanking new pc. Or i'll just use my old pc!

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Guest Shedfish

Hi Jason

my penn'orth...

if it's a case of recording live on your PC, a playback on your PC? *should* also work with streamed audio...

a Creative soundcard (e.g SBLive) should give you:

1) a 'What You Hear' channel added to the Windows Mixer applet

2) a bundled Wave Editor, which allows for free many of the features included in expensive wav editors (e.g. Steinberg Wavelab, SoundForge).

i think even the basic versions of this have the bundled software... but check with your retailer.. long time since i bought one. they're actually good enough to do professional recording with (as long as you don't mind a bit o' background noise, and disable the dreadful effects)

...just noticed the Video side of it... hmmm. i seem to remember Lumiere was a good freebie.

probably wise to do audio and video chop in the same prog, so probably rules out much of the above on the SBLive.

this site will definitely contain the answers, but it makes my head spin...

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