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Reasons To Share A Property

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"For example, an occupancy tax could be introduced which would be charged based on the number of people and habitable rooms in the property to encourage people to live in a more space efficient way. A relocation package could be introduced to encourage lower-income households to move into smaller properties."

Aside from the fact you can't afford it (Even R&J were talking about their kids not being able to buy a house today unless they helped them - talking about why people emigrate) - they could put an occupancy tax on property - the reverse of the poll tax ...

Isn't this sort of what they're doing with council tax though? Its going up all the time and they want to tax you more, so at this rate it'll be an incentive to have a couple of immigrants living in the meter cupboard under the stairs.

It might shift some oldies from those lovely big houses though :)

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Hehehe. So all those fairly well paid 20 and 30 somethings who are uttterly angry that they can't even afford to rent a one-bed flat in many areas and are forced to live like students, now find out that this dreaful state of affairs is being touted as a solution to the housing crisis?

I wonder if people would 'brick up' their bedrooms a la the old window tax?

This policy sounds right up New Labour's alley so watch out!

Why not 'bed cages' next?


... New labour seem's to be following the Chinese model of the free market - repressive state, crony capitalism - so why not? Pack 'em in, send 'em to Millie's Cookie's and Mickey D's, watch the GDP grow...

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We already have tax that gets cheaper the more adults live together. Its called council tax.

You get a discount for being on your own. That'd hurt if they stopped that or made it more expensive.

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Hmm a tax for living on your own, hasnt the government just introducted a tax for sharing with more than 5 people?!?! The new HMO licence/tax disinsentifies people from sharing, even renting out rooms or renting a house and sharing it between mates... It doesnt make sence, do you want people to share or not, make a decission and stick with it!

If you want to tax singletons living on there own, remove the HMO tax and remove the single person council tax discount.

If you want people to live less to a property keep the HMO tax and increase the single person council tax discount.

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