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Mail On Sunday Today Peter "happy" Hitchens

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Have to be careful of copyright so I will summarise.

But today, the happy journalist who always seems to have something nice to say about everyone (especially Anthony Bliar) wrote a small piece on the the price of housing in the UK.

Placed right smack bang in the middle of the page in a little box so it stood out like a sore todger :lol:

Starts off by quoting that the average house will cost £300K by 2012. Points out that many are now living in houses that they could not afford to buy now. Mentions that kids will no longr be able to afford to buy and that no one will be able to move up the ladder. Says that it is "demoralsing and wrong" and the only people who benefit and Gordenron and EA's.

He also says that he's always failed to understand why HPI is a good thing - and he understands even less now. But the best bit which made me giggle as it was a good 2 fingers up to the people who tell the youngsters not to buy an IPOD but to saddle themselves with unmangeable debt for the rest of their lives "No wonder the young are spending all their money on day-today pleasures...."

Mainstream press is slowly turning. Just wait until the BoE notches up .25% and start to see the panic...


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Ah come on all you lot - chins up!!!

My point being: the mainstream press seems to be turning. This guy is rather outspoken to say the least.

I'm beginning to see more bearish things in the news recently....

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I always find Peter Hitchens to be a really interesting guy - much better than his brother - the one who's always in America....can't remember his name....

That'll be Christopher.


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