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Shock News From East Anglia

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House prices up 87% in five years

21 July 2006 | 08:38

THE property market in East Anglia is booming with latest figures showing house prices in the region have increased sharply by more than 85% in the past five years.
But while the hike is good news for homeowners, concerns have been raised over the effect it will have on first time buyers looking to get onto the housing ladder.
Although homeowners will be thrilled to bits with the findings housing experts have warned that it could spell further misery for first time buyers. But who really gives a flying flip? (edit)

This shocking news will reverbrate around the country and cause frustration and anger among FTBs and others trying to move up the ladder. Who would have thought it, houses so high that no one can afford to enter the market. :o

HELLO? Has Craig been asleep for a few years :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Set spin to max

I wouldn't expect them to rise as much as 10% next year

“Sudbury is an attractive place to live and it has good transport links with Colchester and Bury St Edmunds and for those wanting to commute to the capital,” he said.

“At the same time places such as Lavenham and Long Melford are nearby so there is a nice mix and you get the feeling of being in a town within the countryside.”

“North Essex in particular is very popular at the moment and is a bit of a secret we don't want to advertise too much.

“Not only is it a very pleasant area to live but it is also cheaper than some of the Home Counties and we often get people moving across because they want to live here instead.”

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Random articles like this are a sure sign that the EAs are trying to raise the dead. HPI is over--people are maxed out and IR are rising despite the BoE innaction.

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10% ha, ha! I think the levels of affordablity have been tested to the limit now. Unless they invent the 3 genreation mortgage (might patent that!) then HPI is dead.

I am going to a seance to night to ask my childrens' unborn children how they feel about being born into mortgaged slavery.

I have a feeling they might choose to be born elsewhere.

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It'd be just like the good old days. Every child should have the right to be born into debt!

Given that most of the world's children are born into poverty I'm sure they will be pleased to be born in this country.

Better mortgage debt than hunger and disease :ph34r:

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