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many on here think the "real" rate of inflation is much higher than the official figures,surely if this was a real concern and significant issue there would be academic/technical research and also the pound would be much weaker versus economies with low inflation like japan.

Any real evidence ?? Obviously the official figures are a basket/average rate but i think the average person see's some things going up a lot and think inflation is real high while ignoring the fact that many things (mainly imported) have falen in value over last few years like clothes electronics some foods etc, can someone post the basket of goods and then we can compare the basket to our own personal purchases/inflation. im just sceptical that inflation on an aggregate level is rising more than offical rate, the finacial markets are no mugs and would punish sterling if it was the case.

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Well, the real rate of inflation is the money supply, which hit 13.7% today. Of course, you have to deduct real economic growth, which is 2.2% (inflation adjusted growth) +3% (RPIx inflation). So real inflation is around 8% to 9%, but we all know where that money is going - housing.

You could move your cash to another country? But what country? They all have fiat money. It's just you have to not pick the weakest. You could put cash into real money, Gold, but that is also manipulated by big buyers!

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