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Time To Buy Land In Antarctic

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Guest Bart of Darkness
SABRA LANE: But Dr Mike Meredith from the British Antarctic Survey believes we'll witness change in the next few decades.

He's observed a rapid change on the continent's western peninsula.

MIKE MEREDITH: We found that the ocean west of the peninsula has actually warmed much more than the average warming of the global ocean.

The whole global ocean is getting warmer, but in this one particular area, it's warming very, very rapidly indeed.

A good investement opportunity for anyone under 20?

Be careful though, various countries lay claim to various bits and the Argentine, British and Chilean claims all overlap.

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Guest Bart of Darkness

It could be settled with a massive snowball fight.

Might give us the advantage although saying that, British winters aren't what they used to be when I were a lad (cue sepia toned image of a young BoD battling through a hellish blizzard to the accompaniment of Dvorak's New World symphony).


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Best get a 200 year mortgage for my great great great grand kids. Oh wait, I can't afford any kids!

Rubbish, just borrow some money from the bank - when your chidlren reach adulthood all their wages go straight to the bank. Debt is good right? Give them a head start in life :blink:

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