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Renting & Tenants Rights

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Hello everyone. It's been a while since I last contributed to HPC because I've been travelling around the world - but I'm now back and I need some advice about renting.

I sold my house before I went travelling, in mid 2004. I always believed that there must be a correction, although I've always said that I don't really have any idea when it will happen and I don't believe that there necessarily needs to be a "trigger" to initialise it. I accept that I could be wrong but I'm prepared to take the risk because I have much more faith in the correction" theory than I do in the "stagnation" or "moderate growth" theory. I wasn't really sure what had been happening while I've away and, I must admit, there were times that I worried that I sold my house at the wrong time. But now I'm back I've checked the market, down the street I used to live in, and it looks pretty unlikely that I would have got more money if I sold it today - if you're lucky maybe 5% more but honestly I doubt it - so I guess that's pretty good news for me.

Anyway, I got a bit dsitracted there, but the reason for this topic is that now I'm back, I have to decide whether to rent or buy. I've always said that there's no way I'm buying again until prices become realistic again but the fact is that I no very little about the law in relation to tennants rights ( since I've never rented ) and I'm very fearful of being told that I have to move on, a few months or maybe a year after moving in. My body reacts very badly to stress and I just don't need that worry right now... but having said that, I'd like to be convinced that renting is safer than I think because I really will kick myself if I buy something and the market corrects over the coming 5 - 10 years.

I know that a lot of you guys are renting, and I know there are some very clever people on this site, so please could you tell me exactly where I would stand if I rented. To give you a little extra info, I'd be looking probably to rent a 2 bed house, unfurnished, and I'd be hoping to stay there as long as possible, i.e. 2 years plus if the place is right. So whatare the chances of getting kicked out because the landlord wants to sell up etc? If he decides to do so, how much notice do I get to find somewhere else and pack my home up again?

I expect you've covered this subject before but I reckon it could be useful to bring it up again because there's probably lots of people who would consider renting right now if they knew more about it.

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Hello everyone. It's been a while since I last contributed to HPC because I've been travelling around the world - but I'm now back and I need some advice about renting.

If you rent you have to get used to the fact that you can always be given your months notice. You just have to roll with it.

However, you should not let the insecurity bother you - if you get given notice you can easily find another place, and even though moving is stressfull, its also exciting.

The benefits are good too: if anything breaks you just call the landlord/estate agents and they'll fix it. If some chavs move in next door and keep you up at night boom you hand your notice in and are gone in one month.

Give it a go for 12 months or so, I'm sure you'll get used to it.

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I'd definitely rent. I sold a place in 2001 (!) to go travelling and started renting in late 2004. I'm loving the stress-free nature of renting - we're in a big place we couldn't afford to buy, knocked the landlord down on the rent £50 a month and as TC says, stuff gets done/paid for by the landlord/lady. I'll be looking to buy in a couple of years or so, despite losing out on a lot of HPI, I also cashed in having bought in '94. It's very hard to make the decision to buy tho. isn't it? I'm convinced the market will plunge as soon as I move in to any place I eventually bought! :rolleyes: who knows..

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