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Sub Division Of Land

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Unsure if this is in the correct section to post this, forgive me if it isnt.

I just wanted to hear peoples views on my current situation with regards to purchasing a property. The property in question is a 3 bed semi with a driveway to the right hand side and also provides driveway access to the rear garden which is a total of approx 150 feet (entire plot approx 200 feet). It has become apparent that the current owner doesnt want to sell all of the land, in fact he wants to hold onto roughly half of it. It has been agreed only verbally that I will own the house, 50 feet of the back garden and the driveway down the side up to the rear face of the house.

See a quick sketch here


He wont have street access to the land but wants to use my driveway to access it saying I cannot build a permanent structure on the driveway like a garage. He is saying he doesnt want to sell the land yet but will fix the price of it at £25k and I have first refusal. My concern is that if he decides to develop the land into another house for instance where do I stand owning the driveway. I understand that "terms and conditions" will have to be written into the sale contract but basically I want to safeguard myself against any unforseen event that may devalue the house. Also he may not ever sell the land which is why I would want it written into the contract that he HAS to sell it to me within a 5 year period for example.

we have agreed a purchase price for the house without the land and now I have offered £25k more for the whole lot but he doesnt want to sell this peice of land.

All sounds fishy to me but the wife has her heart set on the house.

Any advice / thought would be greatly appreciated

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