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IMHO oil has and always will be one of the most important issues in this debate. I read 7 out of the last 8 recessions were caused by it's price and so...

What do people here think?

At a value today of $73.50 I think it can make that difference we need. It has seemed high all year and we are still avoiding the dent somehow?

I would in fact go as far as to say the drop in house prices will happen but am open to how it will happen and on what timescale. My point is cheap oil is the end of hopes for a while.

What I am sure of is the recently reported 4.3 million 25 - 50 year olds living back with their parents. Wow is my comment on that. And it's effect will strike at the recent buyers and the so called ladder 'cos people don't want to try it out.

And once more this year sees BTL as a non starter - do the math as they say.

Anywaffle to me there seems to be that all important credit crunch as well and to my joy there was an article in the last week or so stating millions of people being rejected for credit. At the start of the year it seemed to me that as the astrologer would say the planets were coming into alignment. They're still there folks.

I'm sorry for the loss of many interesting posters on this site and will very much miss them but they have tought me a lot.

'least of all' go to goolevideo and search 'money masters' and you will being to see what the fog has disguised for centuries.

http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=money+masters watch all 3 hours and you'll be hooked on the story.

Also has anyone here noticed that the swiss banks have a daily change in exchange rate. I think it's time to take the red or the blue pill for many newbies here.

Indulge and the world will never be the same for you. :D:D:D

Just an evening waffle b ut there is a big orchestrated picture behing debt and has been for 312 years now. These cycles happen and until we reach a critical mass of awareness always will.

Night night.

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