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My Rental Search

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Well, I've been viewing property after property recently... sorting out the wheat from the chaff in my local area.

The newbuilds are overpriced crap, so it's better to avoid them.

Finally settled on a modern lovely 2-bed semi, which has a conservatory, a fireplace and a nice modern decor. Even has a brick BBQ in the garden !

The asking rent was £575pm which I thought was a tad steep, so offered £525pm, and made it clear I could pay 12 months up front and move in this weekend.

Landlord rejected and came back saying he'd accept £550pm. I've counter-offered £535pm, and will wait to see back.

Apparently there is other interest in the property, so I wouldn't blame the landlord if we wanted to hang on for full asking - but having said that he's already dropped to £550pm, and surely he can drop another fifteen quid for such a well-behaved tenant like me... :)

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Well, they wouldn't drop another £15 a month to meet me, so I'm not playing ball.

Walk away time. I don't care if the landlord's making money or not.

Anyway, seen another two bedder in the same street, so might look at that instead.

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Well, I'm sorted now. :)

Offered £495 on a property which had been on at £525. Landlord rejected so I upped to £500. Landlord didn't want to drop below £510 but since the property has been empty for a month, and the EA admitted the market is "quiet", the EA advised him that he should take it. :D

So, I've now got me a modern 2-bed semi in a really nice area.

Thanks to this site, I've learnt that you don't have to pay the asking price. I found it really easy to negotiate and had confidence about it.

Incidentally, I've just found out from houseprices.co.uk that the landlord paid £90K for the property in 2002.

Not sure how much his mortgage would be, but like other LLs his current yield must be fairly low.

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well done on winning at bargining. B)

Reminds me of my last rental. Me and two mates looked at a house in Raynes park, 3 bed, massive it was, they wanted 1200/month, so I offered 1100, they told me to go find a cliff, so I said ok fine 1150. they accepted, we stayed there for 3 years, thats a saving of 1800quid. when we moved out, it got rerented at 1400!!! I should have sublet it on the sly :D

The landlord's mortgage wouldn't have gone up, and now he;s making 250 extra a month, not bad for doing sweet FA! (by the way he is Oriental and lives in Hong Kong)

god I wish I'd bought 5-7 years ago.

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