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Down with the BBC

Warren Buffett's Donation

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hmmm i find it wierd that Buffett has a natural abillity to play out the stock market but then donates $20 billion to bill gates charity...

Do you think there is an internal spyware in Windows and Bill is giving Buffett an inside look for $20 billion??

Wouldnt surprise as Bill gates once said that he reads every line of code etc...

Unless they are both aliens.....

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Guest Alright Jack

the fact that we know about it renders the gesture void in my opinion. charity should be a private affair, if not then there is an ulterior publicity motive - it says something in the bible along these lines to the effect that they are already paid in full by the lord's standards.

with that said, neither he nor bill gates have to do what they're doing and hopefully it will benefit someone worthy. buffet is approaching the end of his life and maybe he feels he is not all square in some way... if he has been a bad boy i think it is late in the day for all this. i really don't know. also, buffet and gates will not suffer any loss in standard of living as a result of their gifts - as with many of these mega celebrity gifts - so one really has to question whether it is really much of a sacrifice or water off a duck's back.

the use of charity to obtain public exposure and adoration / acceptance is the primary tool of any politician and i don't trust them either.

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WB feels good lots of less fortunate people benefit.

it's a win win, good news story.

Pablo Silver or Lead?

agreed, should be encouraged... that is the larger part of his wealth. Should start a fashion amongst billionaires.

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Guest Alright Jack

The value of the gift is GROSSLY over stated.

Sure the shares have a market cap of $36bn but any attempt to liquidate a significant fraction will result in a very substantial price deflation. It is not the same as donating $36 cash. Not by a VERY VERY long chalk!

Another way of looking at this is given that Buffet wanted to make a donation and look as good as possible at the same time then it would be smart to offer the shares at, or close to, some kind of expected peak... This brings up all kinds of questions about the markets and the dollar itself in the current climate. Buffet surely knows at least as much as we know, I'd love to know his honest opinion - actions speak louder than words and maybe this is the clearest signal yet of Buffet's outlook for the near future.

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allright jack you are a misserable sod.

the fact that we know about it renders the gesture void in my opinion

You think even if he wanted to a gift of that size could be kept a secret? Dont you think the other BH shareholders would want to know.

The value of the gift is GROSSLY over stated

No it isnt. If you bother to read about it:


you'll see the shares will drip fed into the foundation.

People like you are beyond belief. I reckon WB can at least afford his own house, and if couldnt he wouldnt come on here winging about it. He might get out and make some money!


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Just had a look at the Gates Foundation website with listed principles (below) which seem vague.

Perhaps some hpc'ers could bind together a non profit group to apply for a grant to champion the balance/ awareness/ damage of bubble economics .

Research into the conundrum of charities reducing disease & poverty, therefore increasing population that puts extreme presssure on existing resources / population needs a boost IMO.

Perhaps a suitable donation could be made to the Phillipines Crisis.

There was a very disturbing C4 'unreported world' documentary on the Phillipines where anti-abortion (mainly Catholic I think )US Christian faith based 'charities' pressured the Philipines Gov to ban abortion.

So you have families with 8+ kids unable to feed them, with mothers having to risk their lives in back street abortionists when accidents happen as contraception is outlawed.


C4 Unreported world


Our Guiding Principles

The 15 principles below reflect the Gates family’s beliefs about the role of philanthropy and the impact they want this foundation to have. The principles guide what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

While many of them are fundamental to the way we operate, we will remain open to amending them as we grow and learn more about our work.


This is a family foundation driven by the interests and passions of the Gates family.

Philanthropy plays an important but limited role.

Science and technology have great potential to improve lives around the world.

We are funders and shapers—we rely on others to act and implement.

Our focus is clear—and limited—and prioritizes some of the most neglected issues.

We identify a specific point of intervention and apply our efforts against a theory of change.

We take risks, make big bets, and move with urgency. We are in it for the long haul.

We advocate—vigorously but responsibly—in our areas of focus.

We must be humble and mindful in our actions and words. We seek and heed the counsel of outside voices.

We treat our grantees as valued partners, and we treat the ultimate beneficiaries of our work with respect.

Delivering results with the resources we have been given is of the utmost importance—and we seek and share information about those results.

We demand ethical behavior of ourselves.

We treat each other as valued colleagues.

Meeting our mission—to increase opportunity and equity for those most in need—requires great stewardship of the money we have available.

We leave room for growth and change.


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