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U.s V U.k Property Outcome?

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For 2 years the U.S has been pushing interest rates up at 0.25% increments, whilst the U.K has held steady for the last 10 months since a 0.25% drop added new confidence to an otherwise falling market, delaying the inevitable collapse even further.

So just how are our American cousins managing to survive 17 consistent rate hikes?

Prices in the U.K may have tripled in the last six years but parts of the U.S have quadrupled since 2007.

I’m sure sentiment would change and the U.K would crumble with just a 1% rise.

Are the Americans suffering mass repossessions yet or are the press just keeping it quiet?

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I thik solution is in capital inflows. US economy in 2005 received circa thrillion $. In present year those inflows started to decline...

For borrowed money US citizens keep spending, and in this way an employment as well. With full employment, full crash in house prices is unlikely.

TIC - Treasury International Capital report (April 2006, and data for 2005 and 2004)


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