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More Job Losses In Wales As Television Mfr. Closes

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Nippon Electric Glass (UK) Ltd in liquidation.

Jun 24 2006
ICC Credit one of the UK’s leading credit reference agencies reports that Nippon Electric Glass (UK) Ltd based in Cardiff, has gone into liquidation.
Nippon Electric Glass (UK) Ltd, a maker of glass used for traditional-style television screens, was established in 1994 under the name Danceglobal Ltd and it continued using this name until 1995. It then changed its name to Ocean Technical Glass Ltd, which it traded under until 1997.
Over last 5 years the company’s financial state has been changing year by year. In 2000 Nippon Electric achieved sales of £125m, with a pre-tax profit of £25m. After that, the company’s performance declined steadily. In 2004 the turnover was still high reaching a figure of £94m, however profitability dropped significantly to £2.4m
Due to a significant slump in sales and the declining demand for traditional Televisions on the market the company announced
400 job losses in June 2005
According to ICC Credit’s recent research 7% of companies within this industry are in liquidation. Moreover, 11% have a number of County Court Judgments against them.

Those who bought enormously expensive houses in Wales on the EA hype that it was the new British Riviera may be wondering if that 4 bed detached overlooking Colwyn Bay is really worth the 1 mil they paid for it. Especially as this summer is not looking so hot weather-wise?

A good opportunity for someone to buy them out as CRT HDTVs could prove to be extremely popular. The sole CRT-HDTV made for the UK market by Samsung is literally flying off the shelves at 450 pounds (Comet). Feedback from salesmen (I have been trying to buy one but they sell out on arrival at the store) is that the picture far exceeds the rather poor LCD quality and with HDTV capability why settle for less by paying more. Hitachi are rumoured to be joining Samsung.

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I saw one the other day in Comet. Looked pretty damn good (as per other comments).

Very affable sales guy from the other side of the Atlantic, we had a good chat about rip-off prices in the UK (unprompted BTW) - he couldn't believe the differntial in pricing between the UK and US/Canada - especially for the monster plasmas, he thought perople were barking to pay what they did for them. Agreed on the low quality of a lot of the LCD's. They were getting the sets in in 3's and most were going the same day. I also made a comment on what an appaling signal they have to drive the different sets, making any sort of quality assesssment difficult to nigh on impossible, he said it was stupid, they had nearly 100 sets running off a single amp/signal. Makes the mind boggle, leading chain, leading product line filling 10%+ of retail space and no decent signal. On a trip to France recently I popped into an FNAC? chain, the difference in presentation/store layout/professionalism of presentation was startling to say the least.

Edit - the only thing I'd say about the set is the obvious pixellation - almost looks like and LCD with defintie dark lines between pixels when viewed close up - not like some CRT's that have a more balanced output, not a problem in larger rooms but may not be to the taste of some in a small room. Also seen some comment about the geometry being poor on some delivered sets and not possible to correct it properly; maybe an issue with quite how far the electron beams need t be bent in order to shrink the tube depth - possibly putting a much greater demand on the electronics causing slight variances to be obvious.

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