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We all know that when a species becomes so large it threatens its own existance and that of the eco system so what is different with human beings??

Through badly managed population births (africa/single mothers/disability) and medical cures, people are now growing older and we have increasing population.

Why shouldnt culling be introduced in Humans??

We have reached a pinnacle of the human existance where there are now just too many of us....what benefits does it provide by keeping a possible workforce on benefits, or using able bodied people to look after non-able bodied people.

Many people may argue that is the difference between Humans and animals that we look after our weak but is that not then detrimently our flaw which will lead to our elimination.

In Vietman and many mordern warfare encounters, it has always been the way that we never leave a fallen man on the battleground. This is what helped us lose many wars as the enemy aimed to maim single soldiers to take out complete units retrieving said man.

My question is: Since we have so many able-bodied people that are clearly able to give input into the better the human ecology, why do we need so many others who are dependant on others to survive? I personally prefer dog eat dog especially when I dont own a house and looking ever increasing not to when my own Government are becoming the most corrupt force in the world talking with two faces, telling me what to do and doing the opposite. unfortunately since the 2nd world war, no-one in the UK stands up for their rights anymore and lies down to take a humping!! where is the fight like the spanish are taking to the streets??

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"I volunteer myself and my family to be first to be culled for the good of everyone!"


This is just murder delboypass. Leave it to nature. At least the survivors won't feel guilty.

This is old hat. The Revererand Thomas Malthus said something similar (albeit by war and natural disaster) in the 18th Century.

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We have reached a pinnacle of the human existance where there are now just too many of us....

No, we haven't.

Granted, that's an opinion with no evidence or argument, but since that's the line you took it seems valid.

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I don't think it is offensive,

I think we have become over populated, and that the population should be allowed to fall,

I don't think we should go for the murder route, War is the usual way or nature,

Trouble is we getting to good at controlling nature or buying our way out of it,

Take famine or drought, millions could die because the earth is no longer able to support them, thoses that survive could leave and find new pastures to live on - but what happens ..... Charities set up appeals to send supplies and water. so rather than allow nature to force change and adaption we buy time and think we're doing good because we let the poor souls scrape a living from what little they have left.

I'm sure nature will win in the end, and in the most unpredictable way.

my money is on a 'baby bust' and pandemic

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Well said Kam. i totally agree

We have gone beyond the point of Nature where human beings now become mother nature themselves. Deciding who and when are given support to help their existance. Examples include famine areas such as Africa where people only exist through Aid, Disabilitys where people only exist through constant aid. (i have never heard a good arguement why people in Afrcia should continue breeding if they are continuosly dependant on outside aid. Ok if they only required it for a short period (say aid provision after a sunami to help re-establish then i can understand - but they are doomed - there is no help unless we keep providing more aid) (Immigrant before you rant - it wouldnt be killing if they stopped reproducing or if they lived out their natural lifes)

I am all for quality of life provided that people want to better mankind.

Yes i may be harsh but i do not see the point in imprisoning people who have been tried of murder, found guilty, released and then recommited murders several times over. It is an unneccessary burden on the rest of the inhabitants.

Some aspects of this are not murder either Immigrant - i take it you didnt star in your universities debating team! So basically you are saying you are guilty of murder because someone in Africa starved to death yesterday. well in some sense you probably are bu unfortunately there is only one god (or more...)

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Fault of the rich ?

And partly the poor ?

6 billion crowd on the ground

Polluting it more

Send in the Culls

Isn't it packed?

Do you approve?

Some keep renting around

While mewers can't move

Where are the Culls?

Send in the Culls

Just when I'd stopped breeding more

Because the planet was packed with kids of yours

Blocking my entrance again with my usual cap

Still cheek to jowl

Fed up with this crap

How many Oldies?

Too many I fear

I thought they'd die out quickly enough

Nowhere near

But where are the Culls?

Quick, send in the Culls

Soon they will be here

Too many rich

Not enough Queers

Catholic rhythm method late

Too many beers

And where are the Culls

Hunting sport TV Culls

Only a matter of years


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Yes I agree that something needs to be done as a lot of people are going to have a very bad death if we continue.

Nature may fight back (with a little help from man) as all the zombies attacking us are becoming stronger as modern medicine is often unable to treat common illnesses like TB nowadays.

I except we have a new world order and a lot of people think they are well advanced with culling the worlds population so that the elite can inherit the earth but it best not to scare the sheeple and keep them wrapped in cotton wool.

Personally I’m watching what happens with N5N1 and find it strange that few people even know it’s gone human to Human and how unprepared people are if it mutates and becomes more infectious , like German meassels. Yes I also suspect it man

This thread is highly offensive and advocates murder.

Moderator please remove/move it.

If it's some kind of a joke it's not remotely funny.

You can always move yourself if you don't like it.

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