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Boe Morgage Equity Withdrawl And Cml Loans For House Purchase

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Its been a while since i have posted these graphs but there both

stunning. They describe the current market and show the number

of loans taken out is drying up as people stuggle to withdraw

money from there properties.

Both graphs show an almost identical fall late 88 and late 2004,

followed by a bounce, the bouce appears to have lasted longer

this time.





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Great stuff and very encouraging.

This maybe why Gordon will not raise IR. He knows there is a HPC coming and with it comes a recession. He needs to be seen not to have caused the crash but to blame it on some outside agency, oil prices for example.

Gordon is a canny Scot and his mind is no doubt working overtime to devise a strategy to ascend to No. 10 before things get rough in the economy and to protect his legacy as the "Miracle Man" by hoping some unforseeable intervening events trigger the inevitable.

I think Al Greenspan maybe the man he will blame. Gordon will just say that he had no choice but to follow the Fed by keeping rates accomodative while HPI raged out of control.

IMO stagflation is our fate. Then the BoE will have to raise the rates again and again while the economy tanks. Either way someone has to pay for 9 years of spend and borrow.

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Nice graphs, but to be fair, the first one is slightly old and appears to exclude what’s happened this year ;) – adding the new data, in this case the monthly NSA and SA figures, we get the following graph that's neatly consistent with the current levels HPI appearing across the indices:

BoE mortgage approvals for house purchase


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