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Yes, couldn't sleep last night and got up about 4am this morning and it was on BBC 24, I think, but definitely heard it.

Didn't see it. Did see the BBC report on Rising House Prices and the start of a new mini boom!

I'm sure there is a big secret that i've been excluded from about House Prices and that everyone knows something I don't, how else do they keep taking on the debt?!?!?!?

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Interesting reporting..

The government has realised that buy-to-let investors are pricing out FTB's and there are suggestions that local councils may be given the power to ban home sales to investors!!

Will try to find a link.

That would seem entirely reasonable... one of the conditions of granting planning permission is that the property should be a owner occupied one for the first 30 years of it's life. Saying that if you bought, moved in, lived for 28 years, transferred job to another part of the country for a year and weren't allowed to rent it out for a year before your job was moved back to where you started you'd be pretty annoyed.

Also, there is talk of setting up a new planing use class "rented accomodation", so that some new blocks are the complete reverse, only available to investors as planning permission would have been granted in order to increase the supply of rented accomodation.

At the end of the day economic efficiency is not normally best served by telling people what to do!

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Guest pioneer31

Interesting reporting..

The government has realised that buy-to-let investors are pricing out FTB's and there are suggestions that local councils may be given the power to ban home sales to investors!!

Will try to find a link.

my god, they're on the ball aren't they :rolleyes: they were just as quick to realise that the justice system is a mess.

What next?.......They're going to tell us that we won the 2nd world war?

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"MP inquiry into rented sector [ESTATES GAZETTE www.egi.co.uk]

Lucy Barnard

20/05/2006 16:18

Select committee to tackle housing crisis

Parliament has signalled its intention to look more closely at rented housing as a way of easing the UK's housing crisis.

The ODPM select committee — named before the ODPM changed to the DCLG — is to start an inquiry into rented housing this summer.

The committee, chaired by Dr Phyllis Starkey, will look at how the public and private rented sectors operate in the UK and whether government policy towards residential renting should be changed.

It is expected to dovetail with the previous select committee report into the affordability and supply of housing, which is expected to report in the next two or three weeks.

The inquiry comes in light of the Law Commission's proposals for tenancy changes, and in the same week that government officials and industry figures met at 11 Downing Street to discuss expanding the private rented sector (p77) as a way of meeting demand for 60,000 new homes a year.

Delegates heard industry demands for a separate residential use class for private rented stock, as well as requests for VAT concessions on institutional investment in the sector.

Also this week, the Rural Housing Commission — set up by former environment minister Margaret Beckett — has recommended creating a new "affordable" use class, to help build 11,000 new homes a year.

The commission also believes that a distinction should be made "between general housing and second homes through a new use class".

"Changes of use would not be permitted in local authorities with high levels of second home ownership and these would be specified in the order," it said.

The report also wants the government to apply higher rates of council tax to second homes, using the revenues to fund more affordable housing."

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This is a perfect example of something a campaign Priced Out could successfully lobby on. They are already looking at it, the opportunity is there to put some pressure on them to make the right decisions.

How successful do people think BTL controls would be? We've always been a bit wary of them since interference (particularly in the form of taxation) could just simply push the cost of renting up for everyone?

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