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More Vi Spin - Is It Desperation?

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I remember some months back that there was a bit of SPIN going around that stated what certain improvements can be done to improve the value of your house.

Well today on the radio at 8:20am - PEAK TIME they DJ on Radio City stated (FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER) that if you spend £500 on your garden it can increase its value by £7,500! :blink:

Apart from the total nonsense that this is. I was more shocked that there was no SOURCE for this. I do believe there was press release at some stage and maybe and EA has mentioned this to him. I believe he is either selling his house, or just had his garden done! THIS WAS 8:15am ffs. What message does that send out?????

If you paint it yellow white it goes up £3,765

If you know down the front wall so 3 cars could fit on your land it will add £5,600 to its value.

If you use one of those fancy AIRWICK deodorisers in more than 3 rooms then this appreciates it by £1,200.

In fact knock down a wall - have no doors - let the rain come in and that appreciats it by £10,000 as you have a wet room.

What a crock of sh*t!!!!


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I would just hand a prospective buyer a brush and a tin of magnolia paint when he looks round and say I've decided to give him ten grand off. :lol:

If he painted it, and then sold for profit - isnt that called flipping?


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The crap property next door was bought in July last year for £155k

The bloke that bought it:

  • Demolished the front wall
  • Took out the front gates
  • Covered the front lawn with hardcore to extend the parking
  • Demolished the garage
  • Demolished the shed
  • Demolished the summerhouse
  • Dug up the rear lawn and left it like a mud bath

Then decided to sell, and asked £25k more for it

It beggers belief :unsure:

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