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New Labour's Eastern European Slave Trade

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Are ultra-right wing New Labour exploiting gullible young Eastern Europeans in what amounts to the New Slave Trade.These poor girls and boys are crammed into tiny bedsits often three or four to a room(the new slave ships)given jobs we don't want to do and ripped off by elderly BTLers.Has New Labour got a secret agenda to keep asset prices high by imposing a demand push on the economy through the use of Eastern European Slaves.Is the whole economy being run for the elderly widows with their one million pound property and share portfolios,which grow ever more valuable.Is it equitable that New Labour's demand push policies has led to the over 45s controlling 80% of the Nation's wealth,the highest in history.The rich and elderly have benefited at the expense of the young and poor.These two groups are actually new Labour's core voters but are too stupid not to see that things like tax credits and full employment are useless if locked out of the Nation's wealth,particuarly housing.Would Britain have been a better place to live if instead of tripling the NHS budget to £1500 per capita to help the elderly,some of the money had gone on building houses for the young.In the 1950s today's elderly made sure they were alright Jack,they ignored the NHS and covered the Country in pre-fabs.Houses were never cheaper and the under 45s never had such a large slice of the Nation,s wealth.

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Its not as bad, unless you cant speak english and agencies have figured out how to milk to system and pay less than the min wage by charging for accomodation. My Girlfriend is slovakian, this is how one of these agencies i know of works:

Agency runs in the UK and EE, EE pays a fee to the agency for them to find them work and a place to live (500 to 1000 quid).

Agency has contacts with companies in the uk who pay them for an amount of labour.

EE gets paid minimum wage from the agency.

EE shared accomodation is also organised from the agency but this is charged at well above market rate. One lad i know everyone in the house was paying 350 ukp a month to share a room in the midlands I went into one of these houses. The house was on two floors (presumably to avoid HMO rules), 2 to a room, one on a matress and one in a bed. 5 or 6 to a 2/3 bedroom house....

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I know personally that practice. Despite that "my" agency did not take any fees for finding a work (I would not take such job - it is illegal) but than, in the UK, they tried to charge me to much for flat. For double room, with one bed they wanted 400 quid.

So I warned, that I will go to the press and inform about those practices ( I just refused to pay to them), and than I quickly found new accomodation, using my first salary.

The key here is some command of English - and hidden money in the pocket.

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