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M E N: Selling Tower Is A Tall Order!

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Yet another MEN Homes Classic/Exclusive!


DEVELOPER Keith Burke cannot understand why, but there have been no takers for his nine-storey church tower home since he put it on the market a year ago.

Back then it was optimistically valued at £1m but now he would probably do a deal if someone came up with just half that amount

The rest of the apartments inside the main body of St George's at Hulme have sold and re-sold but the tower was always going to be a different proposition.

How many people are going to want to run up and down nine flights of stairs to get about their place or squeeze into one of the smallest lifts ever installed?

Keith, who has been concentrating on other ventures since fitting out the tower, said: "I know it is an unusual building and not everyone's cup of tea but I still think someone quirky will come in and just fall in love with the place.

"In reality you would only probably use the bottom five levels of the tower, which have the bedrooms and the living/kitchen space, and the other floors with the viewing area and the cinema room and the sauna would just be for showing off to your mates!

"It doesn't worry me because it is not costing me anything but if anyone wants it I will consider any serious offer."

While the top floors of nearby Beetham Tower are the highest residential spaces in the country at nine storeys St George's is the tallest single residential space in Europe.

Comments, anyone?



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Ah St Georges. Hulme. Great place. I lived there briefly. Didn't get robbed (Had nothing to rob) - and could walk home from town rather than pay for a taxi.

The church is right by the big round about...

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'Tis a lovely place by the looks of things. If I had half a mil to spunk on a poncy apartment I'd be very tempted.

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I wouldn't buy it due to the traffic fumes and noise. Six lanes on the A56 mainline and an urban motorway underneath, complete with all those lanes on the roundabout? No thanks!

Personally, I'd prefer for St Georges' Church still to be a place of worship rather than trendy urban living.

Whilst they live in luxury, meanwhile, directly opposite on the other side of the aforementioned Chester Road roundabout various multi-storey council block have been waiting years (sorry, decades) for essential repairs, which are only just being started, albeit under PFI!!

Looking back to 1996, I remember the "last" Hulme being demolished, and looking forward to the "new" Hulme under construction, parties and bonfire/fireworks by the Birley Tree, believing it would be the bright new future.

Labour soon took that dream away, concreting over the Birley Tree with a cheapo business park, sitting unoccupied for the past couple of years. I look at Park Hill (another poorly-looked after by Labour) asset with a fondness.

Residentially, Hulme is an Irish BTL-owned cum housing-association ghetto. Commercially, there is nothing, except Asda, which is hardly a "high street".

Manchester only owes its regeneration to the bomb and the Conservatives, and Michael Heseltine in particular.



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