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We have received quite a few complaints about the extra advertising that we have added to the site recently. Some complaints have been from people with an agenda of promoting their own rival site (****), while others have come from long time members whose contributions and comments we value highly.

Ultimately HPC needs to pay for hosting and development costs if it is to grow in a way that I am sure everyone wants it to. The new adverts were just us testing how we can best do that.

We have always wanted to make changes to the site with the support of the members not without it. So it is a real shame for us that some members have trusted the words of those who have a real agenda of promoting another site (****) instead of bearing with us while we experiement with how to best take this site forward.

I urge everyone not to be so reactionary. All it does is create more work for the mods and mess the site up. If anyone has concerns about the site, post them in the 'about hpc', or 'suggestions for Fubra' forums or feel free to PM myself, paul, brendan, or any mods. We are listening to reasoned and sensible comments.

If our changes aren't working then we'll change them, as you can see clearly from our reaction but please bear with us while we try new things. We also need time to evaluate the statistics of new ad placements to see if they work or not, which in the recent case it didn't.


Now we come to the topic of censorship. This topic seems to re-occur regularly, so for the purposes of clarity let me spell out our policy; we do not censor this forum, but we do remove spam. We housekeep the forum and make it readable for the community. People who trash threads and post ridiculous comments may have their posts removed but this is not censorship and is done to make the website experience better for everyone. During the last few days we have removed a few of the Google Ads complaint posts, mainly including swearwords. But as I've replied to on a few posts, this is 1 topic and does not need 50 topics. This simply makes a mess and a mockery of this forum. We're all grown up sensible adults and have proved that we can have sensible discussions even if sometimes they can get heated.

Some examples of the type of posts that may be removed as spam are as follows:

- Objectionable content ( http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...?act=boardrules )

- Gratuitous advertising of a website

- Defamatory material

- Drunken abuse (Don't drink and post! You know who you are!)

Please note, we will also move or merge threads if they are posted in the wrong forum, or if they are addressed in another current thread.

Reporting unsuitable posts

May I also take this opportunity to remind you all that there are the REPORT buttons to report an unsuitable or worthless post to the moderators. There is also the facility for you to customise your viewing experience by ignoring posts from certain users. Just click on the users name to view their profile, then Profile Options>Ignore User. This can also be done through the MY CONTROLS panel and similarly with ignoring PM's from users.

Private Messaging System

This brings us on to the PM system. The PM system was switched off several times because this was being abused. The system was being used as a propaganda tool and to spam members on this forum to visit ****. If any member continues to openly abuse this site and it's tools then they will have action taken against them. I don't think we are being unreasonable in saying this. Try standing outside Sainsbury's and hand out leaflets telling people to visit Tescos and see what happens. We welcome sensible discussion on the housing maket and economics on this site and we want it to stay this way.

In summary, we will experiment with things every now and again and we will listen to user feedback. I think in future we will try and give you all advance notice of changes instead of just implementing things, but thanks for bearing with us and also special thanks for the moderators during these busy few days, they do a great job and do not get paid for moderating this site so please give them the respect they deserve.

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