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Annual Hpc Rent Survey

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About a year ago, there was a thread called 'Lets calculate the average HPC rent..' which was posted initally to work out the average rent of a HPC'er (£827), but also provided a lot of other interesting results including an average;

- number of bedrooms (2.53)

- house price (£241,000)

- landlord yield (4.31%)

There were a lot of other interesting results, for example see posts #64, #68, #95 and #98 in the original survey.

A year on, I think it's time to have another poll to see where we are, and where are going.

The questions are the same as last year....

1) Type of landlord (private / council etc)

2) Monthly rent (in £)

3) Number of bedrooms

4) County

5) Estimated property value (if sold today)

Please label your answers 1 to 5.. it will help when collating the information.

For those that replied last year, please post you answers, it would be great to get enough responses to work out a reasonable YoY figure.

Here's my answers;

1) Private

2) £725

3) 1

4) Surrey

5) £167k

Please, if you could take a few minutes to post you answers.. I think it should generate some interesting conclusions this year too.

[Mods: please can you pin this please to allow everyone to see it and have a chance to respond? Thank you.]

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1) Type of landlord: private

2) Monthly rent (in £): 825

3) Number of bedrooms: 1

4) County: London

5) Estimated property value (if sold today): Oooh, about 190-200K I reckon

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1) Private

2) £600/month

3) 2

4) Kent (East - Rural)

5) £285,000

(I based this on the last asking price of £315k before we moved in, and an ex-council semi down the lane going for £240k in March which has much less land and is nearer the main road.)

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LL - Private

Rent - £375 (shared, total £750)

Beds - 2

County - Notts, Park estate

Est Val - Similar flat going for £165k

oooh! the park estate eh. always knew you were a champagne socialist really T... :lol:;)

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