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E C B Policymakers Announce They Are Going To Hike Again

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ECB ready to raise rates on inflation concerns

June 15, 2006 15:15

The European Central Bank stands ready to raise interest rates again to tackle inflation in the euro zone, ECB policymakers said today.
Financial markets have become worried that central banks in the world's biggest economies will raise rates too aggressively and undermine strong world economic growth.
In its monthly bulletin today the ECB gave more cause for inflationary concern by saying that its new forecasting model based on monetary indicators point to upside risks.

Fed rates look set for several more hikes:


Bernanke: Fed needs to watch for inflation

Higher energy costs could account for some pickup in core inflation

Updated: 1:59 p.m. ET June 15, 2006

WASHINGTON - Energy prices are likely to stay high and how much they push up the prices of other goods and services bears close watching, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Thursday.
He warned anew that the central bank will be vigilant against inflation.
“The cumulative increases in energy and commodity prices have been large enough that they could account for some of the recent pickup in core inflation,” Bernanke said. When measuring core inflation, volatile energy and food prices are removed so that economists can get a better picture of how other prices are acting.



Jun 15, 2006 — By David Lawder

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Indicators of business activity in the Mid-Atlantic region and New York state and jobless claims data released on Thursday backed up the view that the Federal Reserve would keep raising interest rates to curb inflationary pressures.
The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank said the pace of business expansion in the region slowed and prices paid by manufacturing businesses also dipped. But its new orders index jumped sharply this month from May's level.
Earlier, the New York Fed said activity among New York manufacturers and prices they paid showed a surprising jump in June, while a Labor Department report showed initial claims for unemployment benefits dropped last week to the lowest in nearly four months, a sign of resilience in the labor market.

Not much in the way of a slowing economy in the US.

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Yep the writing is on the wall, how can anyone think the BOE will resist the pressure to raise our rates, it would be the economics of the mad house if they did not, I believe they have been dropping subtle hints it's just that I don't think many are listening to them.

Watch out for Ireland :ph34r:

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I couldn't have wrote the script better myself...


This is not an advert post which contributes to the webmasters STR fund and spoils the forum for members


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