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Us Gdp As A Proportion Of Mew

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Apologies if this has been posted before, but take a look at this graph.

Without MEW, the US has been in recession for years and it is exactly the same over here. Better get some engineers out to fix those cash machines in the kitchen, eh?

Original article here.

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I knew it!

This had to be the case, GDP surges on the back of debt, debt related businesses and anything else related to cleaning up the mess of 'economic growth'.

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I am a person of supposed good inteligence.

Sane in mind and sound of body.

Yet I am 100% convinced that if I agree to buy a property from a bank by repaying a large loan, and then repeatedly enlarge this loan I am

1: Making a profit.

2: At no point making the ownership of the property a more distant prospect.

I will consider myself to be a rich person, confident in the support of my peers.

and at no time will I pay any attention to those who would look at me with incredulous stares as I recount my wealth to them.

For they are the ones who know nothing...

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China is reducing it's money supply in the face of a developing housing bubble.

Those autocratic one party states eh? It's just not fair when they act early in the interests of the financial wellbeing of their people. Why can't they just play to type and encourage their population to build up enormous debts in order to enslave them financially and keep the so-called economy going?

Oh, hang on... :ph34r:

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