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Unsolicited Advertising In Posting Space

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Sorry Fubra... a respectful and candid bit of feedback for you from a new member who is alarmed at your stealthily increasing advertising presence over these last few weeks. Losing space on the side of pages is just about fair do's if you need to line your pockets and justify your investment but the recent trend of posting-space being lost to google ads is taking things too far. Perhaps you are forgeting there are still a geat deal of us who use devices on networks that charge per mb or indeed ISP's at home that give capped useage stick to the sidelines and - get off the pitch.

so in response to the patronising explanation given in the ads:

A bit like the property market - asking buyers to pay over the odds will stop them from even indulging you with a viewing.

Besides all of us know full well how to use google when we need it and the site appeared to manage perfectly well to run before your advertising presence - plus it was faster and left more room for posting.

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I don't understand what the big deal is. I don't see one single ad, including the google stuff. (well, I did see it, and then I nuked it)

Use Firefox with the RIP, NukeEverything, Flashblock, NoScript and Adblock extensions and your problem is history. Works on the entire net as well, I haven't seen an ad anywhere in ages, bliss.

I don't know anyone personally who still sees ads btw, and I cannot see how anyone could want to read a page that is flashing and overloaded with information.

If Fubra is making money ripping off the advertisement spammers, good luck to them and may they sell many adverts that are never seen =)

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The new owners are pillocks. I just switched javascript off while browsing here.

Now I am on the point of switching off permanently.

I don't mind a few ads across the top. Happy to click on the odd one if it interests me. The ones down the side drive you nuts though - if you leave javascript on, you can't scroll down the page until the pesky things have loaded.

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