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A Boring Btl Story That's Bad Enough To Make You Hit The Boss Button

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All these acronyms BTL and FTB, FFS don’t they get confusing, but I’ve never seen any get so transposed so quickly as they did the other day during the changing of hands of a friends flat.

This friend had his flat on the market, he had already bought a house close- by and was in the process of adapting it for himself and gradually moving in.

He told me he had a person who was very keen and just adored his flat and would he hold on selling it whilst this person could gather enough funds, mortgage and the required lease renewal charges.

Often on days he would phone and plead that the seller still held on and that he loved the area etc, and didn’t want to loose this wonderful opportunity.

The friend discussed it with me, and said “I could have got rid of this flat ages ago, but I’d like to se this young man have it”.

Time passed, my friend at last changed contracts on the Friday and officially moved out once for all.

The following Monday I had business in that block and in the public way, I was greeted by a young lady who was dripping with door keys.

“Are you the caretaker?” she asked

“I’m meeting a couple to rent number so and so.

I said, you’ve made a mistake there He’s a new owner occupier in number so and so.

No she said number so and so is on the rental market now.

The bloody so and so I thought. He gave the last owner some sort of sob story about how much he loved the flat and the area.

“Peoples circumstances change you know” She said.

“What over one week end I replied.”

I have found this BTLers lie when they buy into estates of flats because they know they are hated by the other residents.

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