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Even The Ons Are Cheating..

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We all know that the birth rate is the lowest ever measured (per head of capita..)

But read this:

House Prices

Personally I see large drops around me, stagnation that has caused people to abandon plans at both retirement and job level..

We see what may be an oversupply of property, if not that, well it is more houses per head of capita then ever before..

Oh yes.. and we are living longer.. but look at this chart..


Does that look like a growing population...? with the birth rate to it's lowest ever.. the population plummits when the boomers start to shuffle of in about 20 years.. Morbid but true.. :(

Look at the shape, the longer living oldies are streaching the population faster then any birth rate.. the glutt in the middle.. the boomers..

Morbid but true.. :(

why are more people living alone..?

"The UK has an ageing population. This is the result of declines both in fertility rates and in the mortality rate. This has led to a declining proportion of the population aged under 16 and an increasing proportion aged 65 and over."

Thanks ONS, whilst I am paying you, tell the truth.

"With the current speculation and related boom in the property market we are seeing a vast and catastrophic drop in the birth rate. We would tell you the truth.

But instead of concealing the fact that Morron Brown has shafted the economy we are going to add insult to injury and call the young a bunch of Jaffas...

Personally I am not a Jaffa.. I don't have kids because I can't afford to settle down..

And I am clever(ish), strong and in a flattering light I can be considered Cute, trust me you want me to be breeding..

Not those who currently are..

But the professional classes can't..

Bet the boomer generation will still want to be kept by our depleted numbers when they retire..

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