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Please, Enlighten The Sheeple Btl Brigade......

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A BTL Bull (shitter) on there needs to see the error of his ways:

I think your comments are totally unreasonable and extremely rude.

Buying properties for investment is a very good business move and wishing failure on those who seek to look out for their future is shameful on your part. What would be better...to not have a back up plan and let the state look after you? or maybe put your money into a pension which will not pay out as much as you think when you are older? Leave it in the bank to gain next to nothing in interest?

I am just about to invest in a 2nd property - we rent the one we live in, rent out a property we own and are investing abroad in an apartment which we will use as a holiday home and as a property to rent out for investment - so that when we are older we can have a good income. If that pays off, then we will buy another one.


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Indeed it's shameful and we shouldn't discourage such people at all, the more muppets that can provide cheap rentable properties with poor yields... the better.

Good luck to them, it's very kind of them to provide a form of social housing out of their own pockets.

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Buying properties for investment is a very good business move

You are wasting your breath reasoning with people like this.

I know some similar types myself.....oddly enough very bright people (I mean very bright, albeit academically) but can't/won't do the basic maths to realise that it doesn't stack up.

Besides....whose to say it won't go up for another 2 years yet :blink:

I told some of them 2 years ago that BTL was mad, they've since made paper gains, so in their eyes who's the one with egg on their face?

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