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B B C: We Are Exporting Less But Making More

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UK trade gap expands to £5.75bn

Analysts believe European export growth was "encouraging"
The UK's global trade gap widened more than expected in April, Office for National Statistics (ONS) data shows.
The trade deficit grew to £5.75bn in April from an upwardly revised £5.7bn a month earlier, although analysts had expected the gap to remain unchanged.
Meanwhile, analysts
blamed the strength of sterling for the fall in exports
"A further widening in the goods deficit might be expected going forward to the extent that world trade continues to expand rapidly, particularly with UK export share losing out to the likes of emerging Asia," said George Buckley, chief UK economist at Deutsche Bank.

UK manufacturing at 10-year high
European demand has boosted manufacturing results
British manufacturing has seen its best results in a decade in the first three months of the year, says a report.


Pension woes 'damaging UK growth'

Pension costs could impair UK economic growth
UK economic growth is being damaged by the high cost of workplace pensions, an industry body has warned.
Christine Farnish, head of the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF), said
firms were diverting investment cash to fund staff pensions.

What do these 3 recent BBC articles say about the UK economy?

1. Manufacturing is increasing yet is at the same time decreasing due to the pensions diversion.

2. Output is at a record high yet exports are down.

3. The pound is overvalued and is contributing to the widening trade gap.

4. Gordon has no idea what he is doing and is out of control.

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Guest Alright Jack

What do these 3 recent BBC articles say about the UK economy?

Beat me with sh1tty stick if I know the answer to these apparent paradoxes. Maybe someone telling lies somewhere along the way.

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The output gap should not be measured by employment, but rather by productvity. As overall productivity falls even further, and Gordan Brown's maze of red tape and huge poltically correct brigage runs around in pointless circles and nicieties, taking greater and greater gobs of cash to do so, millionare doctors etc... - productivity - which depends on innovation, (not on mass immigration), falls further.

Gordan Brown is now making noises about tying pay rises to fake CPI of 2.5%, but this may result in strikes and undug graves etc.. which is the sight that dare not speak it name, so he will roll over when pushed, like with pensions.

Thanks to this insanity which must rival Russian buerocracy, I believe the output gap has disappeared, yes - even under the onslaught of millions of low skilled workers due to his stealth mass immigration polcies.

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