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Nu Normal

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watched some fascist police generalisimo on newsnight tonight who kept using this phrase to justify arresting innocent people

anybody know what Nu Normal means ?

are we witnessing the rebirth of the nazi's ?

ps this is happening in the UK now !!!

the best laff was after the story about Nu Labor's Nu Normal

was another story about a bunch of old fat ex politicians who all had tickets from mcdonalds for the world cup

the western "democrasies" are corrupt as f**k

we are witnessing the end of western civilisation

just to emphasise my post

here is the latest nazi story from todays BBC

New powers for a 'peaceful' city

The order covers a wide area around the city's cathedral

Police in Birmingham city centre have new powers from Saturday to move on groups of people they suspect are causing a nuisance.

Starting on the day of England's first World Cup 2006 game, police can disperse groups of people they think are behaving in an anti social way.

The powers cover the main shopping areas and the area around the Cathedral and will run until December.

Officers say they hope it will mean a more peaceful summer.

They think is could also lead to fewer disturbances during the World Cup.

A spokesman said: "Two or more people can be asked to move on by police if they are causing a nuisance and officers have the power of arrest if they return within 24 hours.

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police have the power to arrest (and take fingerprint and dna) now if they don't like someones demeanour.

can't remember which of the recent police acts it was.

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i agree with much of what you say but i hope you don't confuse

"are we witnessing the rebirth of the nazi's ?"

with we should let more immigrants in else i'll have to march to the drum of Hittler as i'm feed up with immigrants getting special service and taking our jobs.

it's not if your left or right, the NWO is out to shaft you big time, first ID cards , then implants and then if you don't do as your told you will be in a detention center, both sides must join for this fight as they have all the money in the world and the MP's, Police on side to force what they want on the people/sheep.

Labour , Cons or libs are all in bed togeather so you won't vote yourself out of this one

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