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The Masked Tulip

How Long Will America Lead The World?

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Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, held in London on June 22, 1897, was one of the grandest fetes the world has ever seen: 46,000 troops and 11 colonial prime ministers arrived from the four corners of the earth to pay homage to their sovereign.

The event was as much a celebration of Victoria's 60 years on the throne as it was of Britain's superpower status. In 1897, Queen Victoria ruled over a quarter of the world's population and a fifth of its territory, all connected by the latest marvel of British technology, the telegraph, and patrolled by the Royal Navy, which was larger than the next two navies put together. "The world took note," says the historian Karl Meyer. The New York Times gushed: "We are a part ... of the Greater Britain which seems so plainly destined to dominate this planet'."

An 8-year-old boy, Arnold Toynbee, who became a great historian, watched the parade while sitting on his uncle's shoulders. "I remember the atmosphere," he later wrote. "It was: well, here we are on the top of the world, and we have arrived at this peak to stay there—forever! There is, of course, a thing called history, but history is something unpleasant that happens to other people."

Well, Americans have replaced Britons atop the world, and we are now worried that history is happening to us.

Full article:

How Long Will America Lead the World?

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This is off topic. Why hasn't it been moved yet?

Why is a thread about American economic supremacy on-topic when a thread about organizing a protest about BTL and second home owners pricing a generation out of property ownership was moved, very promptly, off-topic.

See the off-topic section and see for yourselves. Is it off-topic? Ask the mods why it was moved. Ask them to move it back where it belongs.

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Guest grumpy-old-man

As they ask this question, I think...

Does America STILL lead the World, or does it just imagine it does?

would it really make a difference who leads.....they will all be the same, greedy for money & power.

It's human nature & in the street the bad guys now outnumber the good guys now IMO

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message to MARINA: STOP :

F.U.B.R.A. does not like protests on its patch -

you have 40 seconds to comply.

what does it matter. pretty soon and sooner than you think you will be dead. gone. no more.

i asked the ghost of eddie cochran and he said whoooo cares.....come on everyone without a body.

id rather powerlift my own bodyweight in boiled eggs.

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