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Omg! What Will The Eas Try Next?

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i registered with some local EAs about 2 years ago and initially recieved weekly emails, which tailed off over time.

Then recently started to get emails about properties from the one EA again, which i thought was rather amusing but not much else.

What has made me LOL today? only a few minutes ago i recieved a text message on my mobile saying 'BLahdeblah EA have a 1 bed hall floor flat in ....' etc!

That is a new one on me! :D

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A local EA to me is very aggressive in their appraoch already (constantly flyering, no SSTC signs just sold, don't take SOLD signs down when properties go back on the market).

Well yesterday they were lined up outside the station, five of them handing out their leaflets which stated they are the No 1 EA for the area (endorsed by themselves!!).

It all smells of desperation to me. Didn't make me think they are doing very well! :rolleyes:

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I'll believe that they're desperate when they start giving out free booze to all who attend viewings. And if they add peanuts and crisps, strap yourself in and prepare for a crash.

Billy Shears

Foxtons were out handing out brochures at my local station this evening.

Haven't seem 'em for a while.

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Guest Bart of Darkness

Why waste time and money marketing when "houses are flying off the shelves" ??

EA's are making so much wonga that they have money to burn?

It's something called marketing I believe.

Nope, in this case, it's desperation.

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Guest Bart of Darkness
Good marketing is an investment, not a cost.

Only if it actually gets results.

Look at how much attention it's created here

If anyone posting to this thread actually buys a house in Bristol, I will conceed that your point has been proven.

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Good marketing is an investment, not a cost.

Look at how much attention it's created here :lol:

Point proved I think.

I understand the principle of marketing but they have NEVER done this before and they have honestly been getting most sales of late (even though they only moved in to the area less then a year ago).

But on wrongmove and find a property their list of sales has been shrinking.

If they were doing well they shouldn't even have to flyer (we've also had letters through our letter box stating nice married couple want to buy on your street - do you want to sell!!)

A good marketing ploy is a good one when it doesn't make you think the business is desperate.

It reminds me of cheap tacky holidays abroad. (Without the free drinks but as Billy Shears said we live in hope!)

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