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3 Things To Worry About - (from The Motley Fool)

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Three Things To Worry About Now

By Neil Faulkner (TMFVertigo)

June 7, 2006

When you eat, do you worry about choking? When you walk across the street, do you suspect a car might hit you? When you go out drinking, are you concerned that you might trip over and injure yourself? No? So why do you worry about terrorist attacks, bird flu and MRSA?

A report from Prudential and the Social Issues Research Centre shows that the things that Britons worry about most include terrorist attacks (38%) violent crime (31%) superbugs (18%) and bird flu (18%). Nearly two out of five of us (38%) worry a lot, apparently.

To some of you, the most frightening experience in your life would be getting on a London tube and sitting down next to a Chinese chicken merchant who's carrying a basket of livestock on the way to your hospital appointment. Well that's just wrong!

I say get a grip! Stop focusing on remote and statistically improbable risks. We should focus on everyday problems. Here are three big ones to worry about.

Worry one: falling house prices

It seems interest rates may be on the rise, which means more expensive mortgages and, quite possibly, lower property values. You can't stop the housing market falling, so worrying about it is not productive.

However, you could limit the risk by putting down a larger deposit. To do this, you'll probably have to save for longer, which might put some of you off. But as I explained here, the hysteria about getting on the property ladder immediately is wrong. You should look around till you find a property at a price that is truly affordable and won't stretch you, even if interest rates rise by a couple of points.

Compare mortgages at the Fool.

Worry two: rising debt

As we explained in this article, personal debt in Britain is going up by £276m per day! Plus, if interest rates do rise, it'll make borrowing more expensive. With many Britons dangerously debt-laden, this is something worth worrying about.

But don't panic! Take control before rates move. Start living within your means by reducing your spending. It helps if you snowball, which is paying off the loan with the highest interest rate first and making minimum payments to your other debts. This way, you'll pay off a lot more debt and a lot less interest, so, when the time comes, you'll be better able to cope with higher rates.

Find out how you can get out of debt.

Worry three: out of work

Unemployment figures are on the rise and, despite the very low chances of being injured in a terrorist attack, there are plenty of other accidents or illnesses that may befall you. If you have a mortgage to pay, or if you have dependants, you'll want to ensure they're safe should something happen.

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