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Guardian Article - Gordon Brown

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No I am not talking about the world cup, Im taking about the penny finally dropping.

New Labour are indeed extremists, that have policies tucked up their sleeves even more extreme than Iraq.

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Check out this gem from "Cerberus"

Gordon has been busy spending real cash on employing the country in the service of the Government so that he can boast low numbers of ‘out of work’; he creates jobs and withholds them like some sort of irrigation scheme. He has a massive building program, public buildings that we will be paying for into the next millennia, private schemes that erect VW housing, council houses to all intents but paid for by mortgages on the sink estates of the future, and now he is contemplating dropping mortgage relief!

A few of us have contemplated this before on hpc.

And from "Motty"

He champions the flexible labour market, with many industries completely dominated by agencies and an ever-growing pool of cheap, imported labour. Drivers, cleaners and shelf-stackers are now permanently entrenched on low-pay with no prospect of meaningful advancement no matter how long they work somewhere. Meanwhile the cost of housing and public transport rises endlessly. Their children are more excluded than ever from the best schools and neighbourhoods as the housing market creates economic apartheid. Their communities are ever more blighted by crime, their sons more likely than ever to join gangs. Many will never get on the housing ladder, while the children of those with housing wealth will inherit social advantage. And yet these people are supposed to be eternally grateful to Gordon Brown for bunging them a few quid via the tax credits?

When comments that like that appear on the guardian website, you know the game is up. I thought this sort of talk was strictly reserved for HPC! :lol: (assuming it wasn't one of you lot who posted that....)

And there's more! "boysie"

This government is presiding over an increasingly unequal society - young people have to mortgage their lives for years to have any chance of owning a home, while the big earners are buying up property to let as a second income and further hiking property prices out of the reach of the lower paid (like the public sector). His answer is to provide shoddy 'key worker' housing so that the 'key' workers can stream into the wealthy ghettos every morning, service the rich then slink away in the evening back to their hovels (they used to do this in pre-apartheid South Africa I believe)

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