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The Significance Of Us Property Market Direction

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Just thought i would start a thread on this because we seem to be talking about the US market more than the UK market. The US market is crashing but how does that affect us directly. American IR's have gone up in the region of 14 straight months with still a few more rises on the cards (maybe).

If anything round my area asking prices are rising, ive watch 2 up 2 downs break through the 100K barrier, then 120K, then 125K and now marketed at a shade under 130K. With average wages for this area sub 20K.

What impact will the US market have on the UK market? Other than "when america sneezes we catch a cold"

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Bah sorry munimula, i actually read that thread to but forgot the title :lol:

Mods could you delete this thread please , peeps dont post on this thread post on the other one please :)

Great minds think alike hey

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