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Cockroaches Inheriting The Earth

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I was in Covent Garden again last night, and as much as i love the place it always disturbs me how many are living rough, but last night i looked at it from a different angle.

I have a bit put away after i seperated from the ex a couple of years ago, but compared with the illusionary wealth(i hope :) ) of many of my friends i have a lot less.

But the one thing i do not have is DEBT, as i am standing now i am in the black, well in the black.

If we do go into recession i will still be in the black with many many options.

So i looked at these "Down and outs", and thought who would lend them any money today, NOBODY, and that could well turn out to be their saving grace if our miracle economy goes tits up. They will for once have an edge over those that are up to their necks in debt.

It is like the old saying goes, if their was a Nuclear war the cockroaches would inherit the earth, maybe the down and outs will be the proverbial cockroaches :) , along with us

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