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Gold - Is Now A Good Time To Buy?

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Guest absolutezero

I can see a situation where the "Government" (whoever that may be) bails out the over-debted population by using inflation.

This would obviously hit savers, like me. Past experience of this Gov tells me savers get punished while spendthrifts get a pat on the back.

Given gold has recently been increasing in value, would now be a good time to buy (as a hedge against inflation rather than making a quick buck)?

If so, what % of my total worth should I put in?

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Only cqnao can answer that.

personally I think now is an ok time,you can probably still get a little better value....$600 being my entry if we can get there....long term tanginble stuff is the way to go....the days of paper and IOU's have gone for a decade!!

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Gold prices are very volatile - you'll need strong nerves!

Most 'experts' say that around 5-10% of your net worth should be in Gold/Silver.

Personally - I am about 10% in Gold bullion now - I will be buying some more though - inflation is coming you see.

Good luck!

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