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Pigeons, Insects, Fumigation, Lots Of Time Wasted...

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Hello, there having been sitting on the fence since selling my flat beginning of 2005 I've been a frequent visitor to this site, hoping for a price crash so I can dip in. Anyway since this has not happened I've been renting. Great site :-)

Anyway my reason for posting is for some advice and help, I called a solicitor yesterday and their charges were £140/hr, so it's out of the question.

I moved to Luton on the 28/4/06 having found a nice new flat to rent through a well known Management company beginning with L (I'll refer to them as 'L' from now on).

The flat is a recent conversion from a 100 year old Hat factory and has a lot of pigeons around the building.

The flat is described as a luxury flat with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 ensuite to master and a combined living room and kitchen, I'm paying £700/mth with a secured underground parking space.

Anyway, the developers forgot to seal off a vent to the flat and hence pigeons were nesting in the false ceiling space.

I noticed this on the night I moved in as there were scratching noises coming from the ceiling in the ensuite and master bedroom. Pigeon poo was also dropping from the vent in the ensuite.

All sorts of techniques were used to try and get rid of the pigeons, and these were finally permanently removed after 3 weeks.

During this time I was sleeping in the small bedroom as pigeon poo was in the ensuite in the master bedroom and hence was unhygienic.

Even though I was sleeping in the small bedroom, I could still hear the pigeons running around in the ceiling 'til the early hours of the morning as the false ceiling extended to both bedrooms. This caused problems with sleeping.

Anyway, after the pigeons were removed, I moved all necessary stuff including clothes and bedding into the master bedroom, having spent a day cleaned the ensuite and master bedroom. I was looking forward to using the master bedroom and the ensuite.


I then spent the night in there, woke up in the morning to an insect (mite) infestation. The mites were all over the bedding, laptop, table in the master bedroom. These mites were as a result of the pigeons (I found this out subsequently).

I couldn't inform ‘L’ as this was a Saturday, I informed them on Monday and at this time I was sleeping on the sofa in the living room as I had also found mites in the small bedroom.

I threw away bedding and bought a new HEPA equipped vacuum cleaner to hoover up the mites.

They sent someone round from a pest company and they did a spray job around the work surfaces and skirting board.

This did not solve the problem - I was still sleeping on the sofa and was being bitten by these 'bird mites'

They eventually allowed me to use a flat across the hallway while they fumigated the flat I was in. I single handedly moved most of my stuff into that flat – was very exhausting.

The flat I moved into temporarily had damage to the wall and was dirty. I took pictures of the wall and emailed them over to 'L'. The flat next door to the temporary flat was also fumigated (I felt the effects when they performed the fumigation - itchy eyes, sore throat and nose - even though I was next door but this is another story).

It took 2 weeks for the fumigation to be done and completed.

I've now moved back into the original flat - the total time taken for this mess to be sorted out was 7 weeks.

I also had to single handedly move all my stuff back in, again was very exhausting even though it was only across the hallway.

Would I be entitled to any compensation with regard to the inconvenience, money used to buy new bedding and vacuum cleaner?

'L' are now trying to extort money out of me to fix the damage to the wall in the temporary flat even though I informed them of the damage when I moved in.

The also say the oven is dirty, although I didn't use the oven.

Other aspects of 'dilapidations' include 'dirty shower', fridge needs slightly wiping out and hall walls are slightly marked in areas seem very unfair as I was only in there 2 weeks and hardly spent any time in there anyway.

No inspection (as far as I'm aware) was done of the temporary flat when I moved in, and if one was done, it was way off the mark.

I feel exhausted, my work has suffered as a result of this and 'L' have refused to give any compensation, in turn sending me a report of damage to the flat I temporarily stayed in!

There's also the issue of noise, 'L' conveniently forgot to tell me that there was a night club below the flats, this club looks very discreet and I just overlooked it when I viewed the flat. The floor in the flat vibrates when the music is on.

This starts at approx 10 or 11pm and finishes at approx 4am. It's now 3.12am as I write this, the music is still playing and I can't sleep, I can actually feel the table which my keyboard is on vibrating due to the music!

Please help!



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Did you sign off an inventory on the temporary flat? Ask them for the signed inventory.

I'd take the bedding and vacuum on the chin - it detracts from your key arguments. Worth mentioning you had to buy, but seeking compensation is the wrong way to go.


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Thanks for reading through my topic and your reply, as far as I'm aware no inventory was done of the temporary flat when I moved in, I certainly didn't sign one and had no visibility of an inventory.

I was hastily moved in to the temporary flat as my flat was infested with these mites.

I did sign an inventory of the flat I'm renting though.

I know that the previous tenants (who were the first ones in as it's a totally new build) left in haste as they were illegal immigrants. So that may also have added to the confusion.

'L' the management company may therefore be basing their move out report on the inventory that they did for the illegal immigrants.

I'll take your advice and leave the vacuum cleaner and bedding.

Thanks again!


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