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Maidstone. Missed the first 25 mins, but it was catching up with a couple of simple minded wenches who flipped two properties in the last couple of years. Free plumbing & glazing from 2 conveniently qualified husbands, and they still managed to go over budget. Didn't add any significant value to the properties, but were bailed out by the rising market (Beeney's comment: "they may just as well have painted everything magnolia").

3rd project: Bought a plot of land and wanted to erect two new builds. Planning permission denied. Great, so they have a nice patch of grass. Almost p****d myself over that one. Profits well reinvested, then.

Not to be deterred, they have just bought a 3 bed house as of October and plan to flip it. This is where they are going to get stuffed fuller than a christmas turkey.

They are going to get royally screwed and hung out to dry.

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40 grand profit for all that hard work over the past two years and divided between two (four? ;-) ) in a very buoyant market is hardly going to be very life changing?

Just over £6,000 a year each, before tax. They could have made more than double that, for far less work, working part time at McDonalds.

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They seem to think they've been very clever and that all that 40k was due to their own work, not appreciating that all they've done is ride the market, in the same way that a duck sitting on a pond thinks she is going up in the world when it starts raining and the level of the pond starts rising...

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  • 439 Brexit, House prices and Summer 2020

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