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Guest Bart of Darkness
This year seems to be following the same pattern, suggesting that now may be a relatively low risk time to buy, but that not much will happen until Aug-Sept time.

You could be right. Depends a lot on the progress of the situation in Iran or anything else that might become a crisis (the dollar for example).

What interesting times we live in.

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"Its funny cost when it was hitting £385 a few weeks ago I was praying for this pullback. Now its here I'm hesitating"

THAT is normal- which is why most people miss the bottom, and you may too.

Personally, I bought at $62.03 (=$620.30) yesterday, and my tight stop got hit for a $7.00/oz profit. I went back in overnight for a small position, and will be looking to reload around the time of NY opening.

I do think there is support at $620, and even stronger support at $600. I expect one of these levels to hold because of yesterday's positive action in gold and commodity stocks.

You are welcome to visit GEI where I endeavor to keep people posted about some of the shorter term trading moves.

Finally overcame my fear and took the plunge. Another large lump put into sov's. Managed to haggle with Bairds to get their premium down to £3 a coin. Not quite as tight as before, but fixed at a spot of £308,90 rather than th £316 in feb, so cheaper overall.

I really feel I may see some pain before the gain at this level, but I cant face watching the price creep up and never getting back in.

Dollar price is around $570. Overnight it dropped briefly to €545 ish which would have been around £296. That level is a dead cert buy for me.....lets see where we go from here.


Oh, and the 200 day moving average is at around £305 ish, so we should see something happen there.

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