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Renting & Bankruptcy

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Hi all, glad to have stumbled across this forum as i'm sure it's going to prove very useful!

Anyway the situation I'm in at the moment is myself and my g/f have put down a holding deposit on a flat we really like and we are both currently being credit checked.

Unfortunately I went bankrupt 3 years ago and have been discharged for over 2, I was just wondering if this is going to really hold me back in getting this place.

I did mention to the agents that my credit score would probably be really crap and they said they would send me a garentor(sp?) form that my ma&pa can sign.

The agreement is only for 6 months and in that time they would be responsible for the rent if anything happend yes? But after the 6 months suppose we sign up

for another six months they would not have to gaurantee the rent would they?

Well if someone can let me know if they have had a similair experience...

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Basically it totally depends upon the agent, and the credit check. I would guess the agent would be happy as long as you have a guarantor. However, whether they remain responsible after the first 6 months would depend upon the guarantor agreement, and also bear in mind that if your credit check is that bad, they may well insist on them remaining guarantor after the first 6 months, otherwise evict you.

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can you tell us about your bankruptcy. Im nosey and want to know how much was written off and how long you had to serve.

I need the information for a friend really.

All was fine in the end, I offered my ma & pa as garentors - but they were not really bothered, I think agents these days just want to get people into flats and paying rent! As far as the bankruptcy goes it was for about £18k - I wasn't earning very much and trying to pay it all off was gonna take years, it wasn't an easy choice to make, I spent months reaserching what the pro's and cons would be, but in the end I lost my job so I decieded that it would be the best thing.

A great place to get futher advice and support is this place http://www.debtquestions.co.uk/debt_forum/ hope this helps.

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