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£3bn bill for advice on saving money

By Jill Sherman, Whitehall Editor

(Taken from: Times Online - 30 May 2006)

Government efforts to reign in public spending have merely added to the financial burden shouldered by the taxpayer

THE bill for management consultants in the public sector has risen by 23 per cent in a year, to £3 billion, The Times has learnt.

In the category of which the NHS is a part, fees jumped from £221 million to £998 million in 12 months as debt- ridden health trusts brought in outside advisers to help them to sort out their finances.

A total of 18 hospitals facing the biggest financial problems have been using “turnaround teams” from firms such as KPMG and Deloittes.

FFS!!! I work for the NHS at the moment, but am facing the prospect of losing my job in a few months ... and management/financial incompetencies such as this are the main reason why!!! :angry:

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I'm sure with a bit of common sense they could have saved millions without anyone's help

The government in my opinion have a lot to answer for

Hope you don't lose your job – I suspect in a few years we will start to hear tails of long waiting lists and bad incident's / court cases – all due to the lack of staff

Oh – just a note on your signature / link –“house prices are falling”

B@llox – at the moment in my opinion

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Now come on.

A true socialist doesnt waste money treating the working classes to free healthcare, sure anyone knows that.

You dont think the USSR in its dark days had top of the range healthcare for its workers!!!.

Why should the UK be any different, this Government are spending the money on their pals, Capita no doubt are doing the consultancy, and ask yourself who is in bed with Capita and you will have your answer.

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