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Retail Sales In Japan Low

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Retail sales unexpectedly low in Japan


Does this mean that interest rates will remain low in Japan forever and the yen carry trade will continue, property prices in the UK remaining high for ever? Down, down and below!

I'm only being a realist, bears.


sh1te! Japan has sneezed... its called the portent to a world recession :o

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Last Updated: Friday, 26 May 2006, 07:35 GMT 08:35 UK

Japanese prices continue to rise

Japanese shoppers are starting to spending again as wages rise

Japanese consumer prices were higher in April than a year ago, the sixth month in a row they have risen, lifting hopes that deflation has been shaken off.
Government figures showed core consumer prices, which do not include fresh food costs, rising 0.5% from a year earlier.

The markets are so confused they don't know which way is up anymore. The BBC are in total confusion and report anything they pick up on the newswires.

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comes to something when the action of the family and non-sushi buying habits of segi tokinito compound the cost of a 2 bed terrace in brierfield...

is aw we give globalisation the old karate chop. we should jump over it like monkey magic and deliver a staid blow to the face of global finance with our staff of seasoned hickory. "kuntashi-hiya".

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yes you are right Japan is in a never ending slump and never again will japanese consumers buy anything and from that will continue to roll a never ending source of free liquidity for all eternity. the japanese have enough money for everyone ( well all the hedge funds and private equity dudes you can think of anyway).

lets face it is the BBC is talking down the Japanese economy it must be true and go on for ever and ever.

hang on though if the BoJ isn't going to hike Rates then why is the Euroyen open interest on TIFFE at RECORD HIGHS !!!!!!


what are people hedging against ?

the end of the free money is nearly here.... nearly time to buy Yen.....

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