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Janet Berlin

Alternative Form Of Property Investment In Berlin, German

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Dear property investors,

We would like to offer you another possibility of investing in the Berlin property market. Below you will find some information and we thank you for your interest.

Profit from

trading with property

It is a good decision to invest in property and most important of all, making the right decision when purchasing property. The investment horizon of an investor is decisive for the type of property.

Investors with the aim of a long-term investment of 25 and more years can choose from a wide range of good tenanted apartments because they have a stable rental yield before the yields for a re-sale stand.

Investors with the aim of a short-term investment must go a different way because the trading of properties is the focus and not the rental yields. So the individual investor has the biggest problem: the investor has to be on location if he wants to purchase and can only purchase what is in his price range and what the market is offering at that time. He also must accept the price for the planned re-sale which is being offered on the market at that moment of time.

Professional property trading functions differently!

With enough capital available, the professional buys property packages at the most favourable price, at exactly the right time and has the ability to act quickly so that he can re-sell one apartment after the other at the moment an individual investor desperately wants to purchase on location. This is the only way that property trading will bring in real profit.

The right business

at the right time

The property market in Berlin is booming. The prices are at a historical low. Everyone who has available capital right now is trying to stock up with property in Berlin.

This market growth of rented apartments is the business of the future with a lasting perspective and true chances for profit.

The profit lies in the purchase. That was and is the first rule for a successful and profitable business. This also applies for the purchase of property. Whoever has the right sources for purchase, the right knowledge of the market and available capital, can purchase property at the right moment on location. Those who know the market and have access to the necessary distribution and sales channels can sell this property and make profit.

Stadt Konzept has expanded its holding and trading company. The holding and trading company is the trading house of Stadt Konzept. The company purchases low-priced property out of the stock of building societies, remaining insolvency stock from banks as well as fund societies and markets them through their distribution and sales structures.

The principle -

participation in a company

Companies offering direct participation possibilities to investors are modern types of enterprises which originated in the USA.

Whereas indirect and inflexible instruments such as banks and insurance companies are generally being used for capitalization in Germany, direct participation through private equity or venture capital are popular and a common type of investment in the USA.

Many investors have used an indirect type of investment such as savings accounts, fixed term deposits in banks or life insurances and retirement funds. The investors money has brought the banks and insurances high profits through the direct investment in trading companies whereas it has only brought low yields for the investor.

Through company participation the direct investor takes over the function of banks and insurances in trading companies. This flexible capital which is not tied to banks raises the managers’ realization of his business intention, decision possibilities and his capacity to act. Not only that, the payment of difference of interest to banks or insurances is dispensed with.

The result: a far higher chance of business profit and through that a higher distribution of profits to the investors. Direct participation not only brings the investor considerable benefits but also the company.


and experience

- longtime experience in the property market

- own legal department for inspection

- best purchase connections to banks and building societies

- own apartment management

- sales structure with more than 2000 sellers throughout the country

Maximum security -

the best possibility of yield return

Stadt Konzept holding and trading company offers the investor two alternatives of direct participation: notorized certified interest guarantee or participation in profit distribution.

The safeguarding of the participation in form of a KG (“limited partnership”) – shares will be officially registered and are subject to the inspection under German law.

Fixed interest participation

Duration period: minimum 10 years

Minimum deposit: € 25.000,-

Guaranteed interest: 5,5 % from years 1 – 5

6,5 % from years 6 – 10

Profit distribution every 5 years

Yield participation

Duration period: minimum 5 years

Minimum deposit: € 50.000,-

Yearly profit distribution

Planned distribution ~ 15 %

The Property Trading House

The holding and trading company of Stadt Konzept is the professional trading house. The strength lies not only their good knowledge of the market and excellent purchase connections but also in their capacity to act and the speed with which they do so.

This company was specially founded for investors who wish to profit safe and quickly from the Berlin property market but at the same time wish to avoid using their own time and effort when dealing with the foreign investment.

For further information, please contact: ireland@stadtkonzept-gmbh.de

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