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Ever Been To Covert Garden Comedy Store

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I went their last night because the REAL comedy store was full. All seemed fine and drink prices were very reasonable. A pint of lager shandy was not much more than £2.

It all would have been a good experience if it wasn't for the chain smoking druggy londoners sat next to me. The lady kept crouchinh down, I assume to snort some cocain. The man went to the toilet and came back far too confident not to have done something.

One of the comics admitted he was off his head and so many of his gags were drug related. Becuause i've never taken them I didn't have a clue what he was on about let along could I see the joke. The couple next to me though kept saying "that's so true"

To top it all off, the mic stopped working so the last comic had to shout. Even the back up mic stopped working after a couple of minutes.

My verdict. Cheap drink, cheap comics and run by amateurs. Not to say that it won't get better........just that the audience was mainly Londoners. Not an audience from all over the world that you'd expect.

The night ended with the compere asking everyone to sing a hymn until the mic was sorted out ready for the nightclub afterwards.

Myself and my girlfriend left rather quickly.

I don't think the real comedy store has too many concerns with the new competition, if you can call it competition.

It would be interesting to hear views of others that have been there. Maybe it was just one of those nights!

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I found the Charlie to be of excellent quality, not too rough on the Nostrils, however over 4gms can give a nose bleed. The Weed is very good too, but not very good if you have a long drive home.

E's are not to be touched, very bad quality, and overpriced in my opinion.

All in all the Comedy Store is a good night out, they pay their protection money so no probs from the Albanian Mafia who now run London without hinderance from the Government, their ever increasing numbers ensuring that cheap drugs, beautifull cheap young girls can be provided without putting inflationary pressures on the Chancellors shopping basket.

Dont forget, it was the labour party who downgraded drugs, and why not, they were all ex users themselves including Blair.

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